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Get more from your Google Ads with Extensions

Google ads not performing? Not showing up?  Looking for ways to get more from your AdWords budgets?

If you are looking for ways to get more from your Google ads one of the most effective steps you can take is to start using Google Ad Extensions.   They don’t cost any extra money to use and can increase your CTR with little effort needed.

Extensions help your Google ads to stand out from the crowd & reach more eyeballs in the search results.  If you are yet to use extensions in your PPC ads then read on…

What are Ad Extensions?

Put simply, Ad extensions allow you to add additional valuable information to your Google ads with no extra costs.  This might be additional site links, consumer reviews or a call button.

The same cost per click applies as with normal text ads, meaning when a searcher clicks your ad extensions you’ll be charged (not before).


Target the right customers – FIRST TIME

With ad extensions you have an increased chance of reaching the most targeted searchers in the first instance.

The more information you provide in the search results, the less “untargeted” clicks you have to pay for, why bother paying for people to visit your website if they aren’t going to become a paying customer?  They’ll just cost you more money…

The only downside with Ad Extensions is that they won’t always appear; depending on your bid and the available space in the results will affect how often your ad shows.  Remember however that you are only charged when a customer clicks.


What types of extensions are available?

There are extensions to direct more calls to your sales team, promote additional pages on your site & give customers directions to your business store/premises.


Call Extensions

Connect potential customers direct with your sales team.  This ad is available for Desktop, Mobile & Tablet devices. For best results opt for “Call Only Ads” which are only served on mobile devices, this means that the searcher can take immediate action by calling your business from within the search results.

 Call Extension Ads


Review Extensions

Reviews are of increased importance in today’s consumer market:

63% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a site if it has product ratings and review

Review extensions allow you to provide a positive quote from third party sites such as Yelp, Google Places, TripAdvisor etc..

Any quotes you use must refer back to the original source.


Site link Extensions

Site links extend the number of links in your ad allowing you to direct customers to specific areas of your website in addition to your main landing page.  Google allows for a minimum of two links up to a maximum of six.

Site Link Ad Extension

Location Extensions

Include your business address & phone number in your ad to drive more in store visits.  Location extensions can include a link to directions & Google Maps (Ideal for mobile searchers on the go).

Location Ad Extension

App Extensions

If you want to generate more downloads for your business app this extension includes a link to your app store listing, once clicked the searcher will be prompted to download your app onto their device.  Again this ad is restricted to mobile/tablet devices which can run the app.


Callout Extensions

Include additional points, slogans & benefits to aid your main ad text.  For example “Free Delivery” or “24 Hour Emergency Service”, you must include a minimum of two points.


Automated Extensions

With the information Google already knows about your business AdWords will automatically create additional data to show beside your ad.  These extensions might include: Consumer ratings, social links, seller ratings & dynamic strutted snippets. (Note – It would probably help if you had a good presence in Google Places, Google+ & other Google related services).



Start getting more from your PPC Marketing

If you ads aren’t performing the way you’d expect then extensions are an invaluable resource to get “more bang for your buck”.  They help you stand out from the crowd and don’t cost any more money to try, so why not give them a go in your next campaign?

Alternatively speak to Elvin Web Marketing about how we can help you to get more from your Google Ad Budget.  We are PPC experts with experience helping countless businesses to maximize their marketing, leads & sales through Google.

Call: (203)882-0171


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