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Elvinwebmarketing | Online Advertising | Five Steps You Can Take to Build Powerful Inbound Links

Five Steps You Can Take to Build Powerful Inbound Links

Not long ago, getting links to your site, and lots of them, was anlinks, inbound, outbound, seo, internet, online, marketing important step in optimizing your site for search engine traffic. Not so true anymore. While it is true that as Dharmesh Shah stated “links make the internet world go around”, not all links have the same value. Since links are so important it makes sense that Google would provide incentives for links that help it deliver the most meaningful results. There are basically three kinds of links: outbound links, inbound links, and internal links. Let’s discuss outbound and inbound links.

Outbound links send visitors away from your web site. Outbound linking  helps you build good will with other site owners, who may eventually return the favor and provide an inbound link to your site. Attitudes towards outbound links differ significantly among site owners. Some site owners link freely. Others don’t link at all, and some provide links that open in a new browser window. Owners that don’t link state that outbound linking takes visitors away from the site. This can cost the site owner time and money from site visitors. Others argue that providing high quality links enhances the value of a site and increases the chance of return visitors.

Inbound links are important because they indicate to Google’s site crawlers that your site is an authority on a given subject. It goes without saying that the more quality inbound links you have to your site, the higher the place in a Google search your site will have.

There are several strategies that you can pursue to build inbound links. Here are 5 of them.

1. Submit Your Site to Online Directories – This is SEO 101. Inbound links from website directories don’t have a great deal of authority, but they’re easy to establish. Simply submit your website to the directories, particularly the free ones, and you will kick start your link building efforts. It is one of the few link building activities you control.

2. Build Relationships – Relationship building takes time, but it’s a useful way to keep your business and your site on the minds of people who might be interested in linking to you. Make a list of businesses and sites in your industry that are authoritative and relevant. Then start building relationships with them. Follow and tweet with them on Twitter. Show them some respect by linking to their site. They may be inclined to link back to you. Reciprocal relationships are a wonderful thing in link building.

3. Submit News Releases – News releases are a terrific way to get the word out about your company, but did you know they have great SEO benefits as well? Every time your release gets distributed by a wire service and syndicated on a website an inbound link is created. Better still is when a website picks up the news you’re promoting on their site, generating an even more valuable inbound link. Most news release distribution services charge for their services so you may want to look for a free one that  you can leverage.

4. Content Creation – This is another link building method you have control over. Use your ability to create outstanding content that others will want to link to. Sometimes this exercise is referred to as “link bait”. Link bait is defined as content expressly created with the goal of encouraging others to link to the website. Don’t be concerned about whether your content qualifies as link bait. If your content has value to your reader, then eventually a site will want to link to it. Whether or not you intended it for link bait is not an issue.  Content that typically generates great links are the types that get shared a lot. An example may be an essay outlining original data and research, or content about controversial topics. A blog is the ideal platform for this content.

5. Leveraging Partnerships – Partnerships are a great way to generate inbound links. Generally, partner with someone who sells products or services that aren’t competing with your own, but are complementary to your business. Leverage those associations in your link building efforts. You link to them. They link to you. Everybody’s happy, happy, happy!

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