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Google Readjusts the Playing Field for SEO

Google will be changing its algorithm again in the coming weeks. Google’s’ Google Algorthim, seo, online, marketintggoal is to make the search results on Google Search as relevant and useful to the user as possible. They are getting close to the point when not only will their search engine know the meaning of words, but will also understand the context in which they are used. If you’re selecting topics based on what your audience would find helpful, you have nothing to be concerned about. You are doing content strategy right. However, clustering keywords will no longer make the grade. So if your writing reflects a set of keywords that you’re trying to be found for, Google will not reward your behavior. Indeed, you may be penalized.

At a recent panel discussion, Matt Cutts, head of Google’s search spam team, said some sites are becoming what he called over-optimized. SEO firms are popping up everywhere, maximizing keywords for their clients, and delivering content that is not useful to the visitor. If a site is useful to the visitor but not maximized, they are getting killed in the searches by the optimized sites. One important aspect of the new algorithm is its leveling of the playing field for small, local companies. Says Cutts “If I’m a mom or pop and I’m trying to optimize a site by myself, I’m going to get beat by people paying thousands of dollars.”

Here are three things you can do to get ahead and prosper with the upcoming algorithm:

1. Content Strategy – make your content compelling. It should engage the visitor by providing the content that the visitor is looking for, presented in an organized, simple, and entertaining way. Ask yourself “If I’m the visitor, and I’m looking for my product or service, will I want to read this?” Keep the reader in mind.

2. Social Access – One of the easiest ways for Google and other search engines can tell whether content is relevant, usable, and entertaining is by how much the content is being shared. This is why it is important for sites to include the social sharing widgets available on the web. Even if you don’t believe in the value of some sites, how many local small business people tweet, it is a good practice to be connected.

3. Learn from your competitors – Some sites get a high ranking not because of SEO, but because their site offers compelling, and useful information. Look at the top sites for your topic, business, or keywords. Learn how they are presenting their information to their readers. See how they are they presenting the information that is relevant?

The new algorithm, when it’s released, won’t be the death knell for Search Engine Optimization. Cutts remarked at the panel discussion that “SEO can often be very helpful. It can make a site more crawlable; it can make a site more accessible; it can think about the words users are going to type whenever they come to a search engine to make sure those words are on a page”. Just don’t take it too far. As long as you value content, relevance, and usability, you will not have a problem with the new algorithm.

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