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Building a Strong Brand for the Sake of Search

If you have a website and struggling to get Google and anyone else to notice, there is anSEO, Google, Search aspect of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) you need to consider. A year and a half ago Google started releasing search algorithm upgrades called Penguin and Panda. The changes have caused huge problems for companies that tried to “game” the system, but have brought benefits to many sites that offer quality content a visitor can use.

With Panda 2.0, the latest update, Google is pushing local companies to create their own brand that will help them to compete online. Don’t get scared. Google doesn’t expect you to compete against Coke and Pepsi. If, however, you brand yourself compared to others in your local market, you will see excellent results in organic search.

One way to go about creating a brand for search purposes to look at your site from Google’s perspective. Google is trying to duplicate ‘real world’ thought and logic online. Think for a moment about your offline marketing activities. Maybe you advertise in your local newspaper, send out mailers, advertise in local magazines, purchase radio ads.  You use all these different channels to relay a similar message. You do this to generate brand recognition for your service or product. Something your target market will identify. Google is asking you to create the same effect online.

To accomplish this, Google’s crawlers are searching the net and evaluating everything they can find about you. They’re searching your website, your social links, PDFs, articles, blogs. The more frequently they see you, and over a wider variety of online channels, the easier and quicker they will be able to verify you and your company as an authentic brand.

Penguin and Panda did the most damage to websites that specialized in using a large number of backlinks to increase their page rank. Backlinks are important, but there is a caveat. Backlinks should be from authoritative sites themselves. A good place to link is YouTube.  Links , in general should be complimentary to your site. Be sure to set outbound links to open in another window. You don’t want visitors wandering away from your site.  Showing interaction from Facebook followers will increase your page rank.  Always make sure any links compliment your brand.

So if you set out to conquer your local market with the proper use of a consistent message, broadcast over a number of online channels, you can expect your ranking to go sky high locally.

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