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Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr – The Top Image-Driven Social Media Sites for Business

There’s no denying that images speak louder than words.  Add to that videos and you have Social Media, Icona powerful combination of content that business owners have an ability to make use of online to spread awareness of your business.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of using the three most powerful social media platforms that generate massive amounts of image-driven traffic. We’re talking about Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram.

Pinterest – The quickest to breach the “ten million unique users in a month” barrier.

Pros –

  • Continues to grow at an impressive rate and drives more traffic to websites than  any other social media site, such as YouTube.
  • Women outnumber men on this platform. So, if your business targets the ladies, then this site is a great place to get in touch with many potential customers.
  • You have to market your product and services in a subtle manner; stokes creative marketing.
  • Visitors to Pinterest stay longer, giving you the opportunity for detailed communication.
  • Certain businesses that are easier to market through images, such as home interiors, crockery, garments, accessories, etc can truly leverage this website.

Cons –

  • The content is largely lifestyle focused; this is changing slowly but creating pins and reaching out to a community interested in your products  requires creativity and planning.
  • Content posted on Pinterest ages slowly, it does not really go viral like how a link on Digg or Twitter might.
  • Re-pinned images on others’ pages can gain more popularity, negating your efforts to get traffic.

 Instagram – More than 45 million photos uploaded daily.

Pros –

  • It’s a free platform that is ultra easy to use. The important thing with Instagram is that it’s growing wildly.
  •  You can post event happenings in real-time; images and videos. Brand reinforcement through images.
  • Great way to build a buzz around your product. Big and small brands do it. A teaser pic of a new pair of sneakers, announcement of a local contest, anything.
  • Hashtags, geotags, and captions for the viewer’s information who can share the media you upload and comment on it as well.
  • Converse with your audience informally. Images can give your business a face. Build a community and create qualified leads.

Cons –

  • The Instagram app is available for iPhone and Android smartphones; that covers the bulk of smartphone users. That said, you have to make sure that implementors of any marketing project involving Instagram are using phones with these operating systems.
  • Businesses need to ensure that the quality of pictures uploaded is of a high standard. You don’t want images put up via Instagram creating a negative impression about your product and service.
  • The service cannot be used in isolation. You first have to create a presence on other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Tumblr – 134.5 million blogs on it and growing by the day!

Pros –

  • The platform is easy to get started with and supports both text and images.
  •  It supports audio recording of posts directly from your mobile phone.
  • Its support for visually appealing media has made it popular with photobloggers.
  • The inherently social attributes in Tumblr simplify the process of community building.
  • Businesses can open their blogs to user content and improve engagement.
  • With a well-laid out content strategy, you can use Tumblr’s online presence to boost your site’s SEO score.
  • Tumblr is popular with the under-40 demographic, which gives your small business or large brand the chance to reach out to this demographic, which is internet literate and shops online.

Cons –

  •  Lack of full control and limited capabilities offset ease of use. Tumblr does not offer the functionality and formatting control offered by a CMS like WordPress.
  • The extent of analytics is not detailed enough. If you’re planning to use Tumblr for your business, you need to be able to see your effort in measurable terms.
  • You’re business blog on Tumblr is not self-hosted. So if Tumblr is down for maintenance or from a technical snag, your site is down as well.

All three sites offer advantages to companies building a brand or selling a product online. Which one you choose depends on your product, your audiance and you specific online marketing goals.

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