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How Important is a Mobile Version of Your Website

Some business owners are still dithering over how important it is to set up a mobile edition of Mobile, website, SEO, Businesstheir site. The obvious and concise answer is “very important”. There’s a huge upsurge in the number of people accessing social media and the net in general from their handheld devices. In fact, the Hummingbird algorithm came about to better serve the search behavior of internet users on the move. At the rate mobile traffic is growing, it won’t long until having a mobile-friendly site becomes a ranking factor for search engine results.

Research shows that searchers are 500% more likely to leave a site that does not show up properly on their mobile devices. And you don’t want to miss on the business opportunities that mobile traffic offers. The rise in mobile traffic is a direct result of the proliferation of smartphones and tablets. Millions now access the internet almost exclusively via their mobile devices.

Mobile users go online mainly to log on to social networks, seek answers to questions, and check mail. If your business serves a local community, then it is in your interest to show up on a mobile search. If your site doesn’t, you’re losing customers. You should generate content tailored for mobile users, such as prominently displayed phone numbers, click-to-call functionality and location-based information.

Businesses that foresaw the rise of mobile devices and ensured that their websites were mobile-friendly are now reaping the benefits of being first movers. Data shows that a mobile-optimized site fosters far greater engagement with their visitors. Businesses have actually reported doubling of engagement rates with visitors after optimizing their sites for mobile devices. The number of repeat visits per user is significantly higher if the site runs smoothly on mobile devices. The figure is higher for e-tailers. Some of the businesses that have reported a healthier bottom line due to mobile-optimized sites include auto dealers, florists, luggage stores, office supply retailers, and others. If you’re running an internet-only store you need to ensure that your website is optimized for mobile traffic.

The opportunity for lead generation, clicks on offers, and conversion of PPC ads is high when your website performs well on handhelds. The prospects for business and lower costs of operation are a huge incentive for webmasters to make sure that smartphone users report a favorable experience after visiting their sites. An optimized-for-mobile devices website loads faster and appears cleaner than a non-optimized website. It is more capable of offering a better user experience. This translates into a higher rank on Google’s mobile search platform.

When we talk of mobile versions, it is worth noting that you have a choice of a responsive design website that uses the same HTML and CSS as a regular website but adjusts according to the screen requirements of mobile devices. Or you can create a separate mobile version of your website.

A big plus with websites that integrate mobile browsing is that users can make use of scannable QR codes; these codes are a great way to direct an offline audience to online content where they can be treated to greater interactivity and richer content.

So what are the advantages of having a mobile ready website? Let us list the ways: better mobile SEO; more traffic; greater website engagement; higher conversion rate; better visitor experience; more time spent on the site; faster loading of the site on mobile devices. There are more than that but you get the idea.

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