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10 Easy Ways to Make SEO Gains Right Now!

SEO, Google, SearchSEO, Search Engine Optimization, is a long term strategy. Over the long haul, it’s often cheaper than PPC or paying for a banner ad and the effects are long-lasting. After all, the benefit of a PPC or banner ad will only last for as long as you’re willing to pay for it. While there are no quick fixes in SEO, there are plenty of easy steps you can take to start making those search engine gains, giving you the added advantage you need.

Here are 10 easy ways to make SEO gains that you can implement, right now.

  1. Is your website optimized for local? – If your business sells locally, you will want to consider gearing your site more towards local. More searches are coming from mobile devices. Consumers are using their phones for on-the-go for shopping research and to look up local businesses. If you’re not positioning yourself to take advantage of this, then you’re missing out on opportunities. Simple measures such as including local key-terms on your website and listing yourself in local directories will help increase your chance to be found in a local search.
  2. How does Google rate your site speed? – Site speed is not one of the main SEO factors, but it’s growing in importance, especially with more people on mobile expecting fast, responsive websites. See how your website stacks up with Google Page Insights.
  3. Produce “On Trend Content” – Producing content that people are “searching for now”, is a great strategy for gaining quick search rankings (and traffic!) for keywords within your niche. Consider looking at recent news-pieces or see what people are searching for within your industry with Google Trends.
  4. Start encouraging more Facebook Comments – It’s been found that one of the factors Google looks for the most in ranking websites is Facebook comments and shares. Consider employing a Facebook comments app on your site to encourage visitor interaction.
  5. Start using Google+ more – If you’re not using Google+ you’re missing out on a significant SEO opportunity. Despite Google claims, the search giant is using search to encourage more users to its fledgling social network. Rewarding webmasters with higher SERPS is just one of the measures they are taking to encourage more people to use the social network. Getting set up with Google authorship will help as well.
  6. Link to authority websites – Something that seems to go unappreciated in today’s SEO landscape with talk of “Penguins” and “Pandas” is authority outbound links. The links (to external websites) that you place on your website and in your content reflect your sites topic, and its authority as a source of valuable information. Think about it, if you’re just linking to your own website all of the time, you’re not showing yourself as much of an authority in the wider web community. But remember, we are talking about relevant, authoritative links. Don’t link to a site simply because you view them as useful. You will be punished for that. AND NEVER BUY A LINK!
  7. Encourage more reviews – Again, it’s not the most important SEO consideration, but it’s something that can directly benefit your business and something that’s not difficult to do. Furthermore it is of increasing interest to Google, so it’s worth taking note. Consider using sites like Yelp, and Google Business to encourage more positive customer reviews.
  8. Engage with popular brands & people – Inviting popular people & brands onto your blog or website can be a great way of carrying their branding and authority, when users search for that person or company, you’re website may well appear in the search results too. This idea also helps you to gain links from their websites & their social media, all-in-all impressing big G even more.
  9. Create longer “more meaningful” content – In an update by Google a few months back, a large number of authority websites suffered a serious drop in search rankings due to the nature of their “thin content”. Correlations have also been found between websites on the top spot and longer pages of content, of at least 2000 words. Try to produce content of around 800-1000 words as a minimum, where you’re looking for search gains. Also remember to try to create content that provides reader value and creates authority around your website.
  10. Get reviewed and interviewed – Getting reviewed or interviewed by authority websites within your niche, not only brings new customers & traffic, but gives more trust towards your website in the eyes of Google.
10 Easy Ways to Make SEO Gains Right Now!
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10 Easy Ways to Make SEO Gains Right Now!
SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is a long term commitment that will bring great rewards to the businesses that follow the guidelines correctly. Here are 10 steps any business can take that will cost little but bring in many more visitors to their website.

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