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Selling to the Multi-Device Internet Shopper

Are You Ready to Sell to the Multi-Device Online Shopper

Perhaps this is you. You’re standing in line waiting to order lunch. While waiting you decide to check your email on your smartphone. You see a subject line “Great Deal on New Tablets!” It sparks your interest. When you get your lunch and find a seat, you pull your current tablet out and read the entire offer using the sandwich shop’s free Wi-Fi connection. You click the link in the email and explore the offer some more. When you get home that night, you sit at your desktop and explore the offer one more time. You then decide that this is a deal too good to pass up and purchase the new tablet.

Or you’re standing in line and this time you click the link while still looking at your phone. This time the offer and website render so poorly you figure it must be a hoax and delete the email. Or send the email to spam where it and other emails from this vendor will never bother you again.

Our time online during the day is split across each of these devices, perhaps using our smartphone for a quick search and larger desktops for more “bulky” research. Research by Google has shown that as many as 70% of mobile searches are performed where a desktop is present, which really goes to show just how popular mobile devises are for browsing the internet.

Consumers switch between devices throughout the day

In a typical day most of us regularly switch from one device to the next. We might start researching weekend getaways on our lunch break on our mobile and then purchase a getaway later on in the day on a desktop.

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Why you can ill afford to ignore the multi-device shopper

  • If your business can’t be found on mobile or tablet devices you will lose a large segment of customers.
  • If your website is slow and clunky on mobile devices viewers will very quickly turn elsewhere (and possibly never look back) – 50% of people questioned by Google said that even if they like a business, they will use them less often if the website is not mobile-friendly
  • Mobile searches have been linked to higher conversion rates, increased sales & business calls.

Multi-channel marketing drives customer loyalty

What we have begun to see from early adopters to multi-channel marketing is that by giving customers the options they desire and by providing a consistently positive customer experience, customers are more inclined to shop again. In the fiercely competitive retail market leading up to Christmas, the retailers report the highest profits are gained from the multi-device shopper.

How to sell to the multi-device shopper

Here are a few tips to help you start selling (or selling more) to the multi-device shopper.

  • Provide a consistent experience across each device – Use this handy tool to quickly see how your website appears on each screen size. onlinemarketinginct.com/responsivechecker
  • Consider mobile shopper expectations – Smartphone users want convenience and quick answers. The majority of mobile searches are goal-orientated so get to the point quickly. Tablet usage is mainly entertainment based
  • Strip your website back – Less is more on smart phones and tablets.
  • Think about an eCommerece mobile app – Native apps take full advantage of smartphone capabilities, providing an intuitive and accessible shopping experience.

A good read on multi-device shopping from PayPal & ComScore:


Google Think Insights study into multi-device usage:



Selling to the Multi-Device Internet Shopper
Article Name
Selling to the Multi-Device Internet Shopper
Using several types of devices while shopping for a product or service is the norm, not the exception. Here are steps your business can take to ensure you are not left behind in a multi-device world.

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