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9 Ways to get more bang from your web content

More Bang for Your Buck

You might create content with the hope of improving your search ranking, to give your site visitors something to read or just because you think it’s a good thing to do…

Whatever your reasons there is always something you can do to get more bang for your buck..

Far too many times I hear about people who fill their blogs with great content only to find they never get anything out of it.. No social shares, No sales, No conversions.

After spending a lot of time writing an article or a piece of content on your website, you may as well spend a few extra minutes to make sure you always get the most from your web content. So I have created a list of ideas so you can.

Here are my top 9 suggestions:


  1. Break it down

A large block of text can often feel a little overwhelming, today’s time strapped consumers and decision makers want quick bites of information; they want to scan content and easily find what they are looking for, or find some form of “tangible value”.

Ask yourself:

  • Does the content have sub headers?
  • Could some points be itemized?
  • Could any points be emphasized?
  1. Give your readers a voice

Getting readers involved can bring new ideas to the fore and invaluable feedback.   Your customers will feel more valued and overall it’s a good way to keep them engaged in your content, particularly if you allow them to leave comments.   User generated content (UGC) is not just good for your website but it can even help you to boost your search ranking & discover new ideas too.

Try Facebook Comments Plugin

  1. Embed Tweets & Other social content

Embedding tweets or Instagram images and so on.. Is far more attractive than copying a quote in plain text.
Social content adds an extra dimension that can help to encourage more social activity and keep readers interested.

How to Embed a Tweet

  1. Create a list

Everyone loves a good list… the best books to read, the best buys for Christmas, the most useful apps, the list goes on… (Sorry for the pun).  Lists are very often a powerhouse for social shares and if you “big up” a business or two you might find that they return the favor and direct people towards your website.


  1. Address a specific issue

Hone in on a specific issue people are experiencing and with any luck you will hit a nerve with more of your readers, get them hooked from the title & if all goes to plan you will convert more readers into paying customers and subscribers to your website.  Remember people are pushed for time and need to know that you can help them from the outset, without reading through paragraphs of text.

  1. Express a personality

Always try to add a touch of personality to your content, it will almost always help to keep readers entertained, keep them reading and keep them coming back another time.

Be consistent with your style of writing so people get a feel for who you are and learn to trust you more.

  1. Brand it!

Make your content stand out from the rest by incorporating your own brand into the content. Small things like using the same formatting each time, a series title or some terminology unique to your business can have a real impact.   You might want to consider a branded graphic which represents a series or category within your website.

  1. Make sure it’s shareable

Always make sure your readers can quickly and easily share your content if they like it.    Ensure that social share buttons are prominent before & after your content and in other high visibility areas.    You could even ask readers to share your content if you think it’s appropriate.

Free Social Share Buttons

  1. Add a call to action

Once your visitors have read your web content how are you urging them to take action?  A well placed link or button will naturally direct visitors through your sales channel to you contact page, email sign up form or a related product.   There is always one way or another you can end a piece of content with a call to action:

Call Now, Click Here, Sign up, Learn more, Like on Facebook, Shop now etc.

Are you getting the most from your website and your web content?  Speak to Elvin Web Marketing to see how you could supercharge your website to do more of the hard work for you..


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