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Safe Link Building Techniques for 2015

If you were one of the thousands of businesses burned by Google’s Panda & Penguin updates back in 2012/13 you might be a little wary of using link building strategies to boost your search ranking.

But despite Google’s constant alterations link building still plays an important role in determining your search position.

It can seem like a complex methodology with few definitive answers but like any type of SEO, a natural looking variety of links is key.

What link building techniques should I be using in 2015?


Aim for trusted websites

One link from a trusted website could be worth more to your search ranking than 1000 others, in Google’s eyes a trusted site will rarely promote an “untrusted” source, so any links they promote should be of high quality.

How do you know which sites are seen as trusted?

  • The PageRank Google gives that site (Between 1 and 10, anything above 4 is highly trusted) – Check with PRChecker
  • Has the site been around for a long time?

Create linkable assets

Create content that people naturally want to share, as search engines see it, you can’t get any better than a link shared through genuine intentions.

What content gets linked to most?

  • Top 10, 20, 50, 100 etc.. in your niche
  • Productivity tools
  • How to…. Guide
  • Topical/Controversial content

Vary your strategy

Above anything to stay safe when link building you need to vary your strategy; don’t for example spend all of your time creating guest blogs with links back to your site.

Search engines expect a good brand/website to have a mix of links from different sources: blogs, directories, social media, forums, news portals etc…

Sticking to one strategy is like a red flag to a bull for any search engine!

Go Local

Links from local directories & local news sites are great votes of confidence towards your brand, positioning it as a “local authority”.

Since the launch of Google Pigeon (Google’s Local Ranking Algorithm) in 2013, big G and other search engines have paid more attention to local online activity.

How can you get more local links?

  • Submit your site to local directories
  • Send press releases to local news sites online
  • Reach out to local bloggers, reviewers, etc..


Seek more online reviews

Positive online reviews coupled with a link to your website have become a popular ranking factor for search engines over the past couple of years.

What you should do

  • Make sure your business is accurately listed on Google My Business & actively encourage customers to leave positive reviews
  • Claim your business page on Yelp
  • Claim your business listing on AngiesList
  • Pay particular attention to niche review sites (For plumbers, electricians, restaurants etc..)


Have you completed the 2015 SEO Checklist?


Follow my SEO checklist to give your site the best possible chance in the search results.  If you’re confident enough with SEO you can use the quick checklist..

or if you would like more guidance you can follow the comprehensive guide.

Alternatively give me a call at: (203)882-0171 and discuss how Elvin Web Marketing can help your business.


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