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8 Proven Lead Generation Methods

Looking for some cost-effective ideas for generating targeting leads for your sales team?  Today I am putting together 8 of the most proven methods and tips you can use to put them into place.


  1. Content Marketing & Blogging

Content marketing may be one of the most drawn-out methods in this list, but it is by far one of the most effective and most relevant methods for lead-gen.

Today consumers know what they want and where to find it, producing quality, regular content through blogging is an excellent way of nurturing targeted leads in the long run.

Although content marketing is time consuming it creates no end of benefits for your business, not least of all effective lead-gen:

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Contribution towards your search ranking (SEO)
  • Helps to filter out poorly targeted leads
  • Increased social shares, comments and inbound links to your website.

Create content of authority and value and over time people will be more inclined to opt-in to your marketing.


  1. Google Call-Only Ads

You are probably used to seeing promoted links to websites in your search results but not so familiar with seeing promoted phone numbers.

In March 2015 Google introduced a new AdWords ad-type sure to shake up telesales and lead-generation for thousands of marketers.

Instead of showing a traditional URL link in the searches; call-only promoted ads display a business phone number instead.

Largely targeted at smartphone users the ads utilize mobile technology to initiate a call to your business whenever a searcher taps (clicks) your ad.

With call-only ads you know 3 things:

  1. You can target your ad to people who are ready to make a purchase
  2. You can generate a lead within seconds of your ad being shown
  3. You can see exactly how effective your ads are through comprehensive analytics

Call only ads are an exciting prospect because they bridge the gap between your sales team and highly qualified leads without spending too much time or money.  The best part is that just like ordinary Google ads they are suited to pretty much any business.


  1. Hello Bar

Hello Bar is a simple but effective plugin used to generate leads on any website. It’s a thin promotional bar placed at the top of your website and provides a flexible space to promote a call to action of your choice.  Styled to fit the rest of your site, Hello Bar is prominent enough to direct site visitors to your opt-in form and even gives the ability to collect emails from within the bar.  The added ability to A/B test different bars makes Hello Bar an unrivalled choice in lead generation.

Set up is really easy, especially for sites using WordPress and you can expect to be up and running in minutes.  Plans start from free then $12 for their pro plan.


  1. Call To Actions

There are countless ways of generating leads from your website with a well placed call to action or two.  Types of CTA to use:

  • Live chat
  • Contests
  • Facebook offers
  • Free downloads
  • Subscriptions


  1. Search Engine Optimization

If you get SEO right you have an almost limitless supply of targeted leads from the world’s biggest search engines.

With the ability to target customers at multiple stages of the buying process, SEO particularly over mass-media blasting or social media is perhaps the most “laser targeted” method for lead-gen.

Don’t expect any immediate results but if you want a steady stream of qualified leads in the long term I would suggest SEO as an option for you.


  1. Facebook

A well-constructed Facebook post can not only make your marketing dollars go further but has the potential to direct a lot of eyeballs towards your content.

Always make use of:

  • Eye-catching visuals (people take more note of images than plain text!)demographics
  • Clear calls to actions (Don’t just settle for an ordinary Facebook post, use the full power of Facebook to create offers, and opt-in orientated posts.
  • Personality

The masses of data available to Facebook means that the social giant can generate laser-targeted leads based on 100s of demographics: Age, profession, family status, location, interests… the list goes on..

One of the most valuable facilities available with Facebook advertising however is the ability to advertise to fans of a particular page..

Create irresistible offers for your Facebook fans

One of the lesser known features available to Facebook page owners is the offers post type.  Creating an offer simply involves:

  • Writing a description for the offer
  • Choosing how many people can claim the offer (or for how long)
  • Adding a link and method for claiming the offer

Offers look different to standard Facebook posts and definitely stand out in your customers’ newsfeeds. fb-offer

The most valuable aspect perhaps is the option to send follow up reminder emails; these are sent to the registered email address on each person’s Facebook account and are sent at a chosen interval after someone claims your offer.
Sadly you don’t have the option to collect these emails for further marketing although the reminder is a definite way to help capture some additional qualified leads.



  1. LinkedIn

If it is B2B leads you are after, few solutions are better than the world’s largest professional networking site, the figures speak for themselves:

Over 80% of leads generated through social media are from LinkedIn

People are usually in a business mindset when browsing LinkedIn and as a result more susceptible to B2B marketing.

As with any social network it is easy to spend time focusing on the wrong areas.
Where to spend your time:

  • Used advanced search – Find exactly who you are looking for with advanced search, waste less time nurturing the wrong leads and get straight to the decision makers!
  • Spend time in groups within your niche – There are over 2 million groups on LinkedIn so there is a high chance there’s one in your niche, you can join up to 50..
  • Publish articles through LinkedIn pulse – Nurture quality leads by giving value and insight through regular LinkedIn articles, it’s a great way of building up a following and building new strong relationships.
  • Participate in discussions – There are thousands of discussions for you to take part in every day on LinkedIn, share your expertise and you could soon become the go-to-source for info in your niche – generating new leads for your business.

Have you thought of any that I might have missed?  Let me know in the comments below..

8 Proven Lead Generation Methods
Article Name
8 Proven Lead Generation Methods
A few of my favourite lead generation methods to use in 2015 & beyond..

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