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Why you can never Ignore SEO

Why you can never Ignore SEO

If you want to generate brand awareness, more sales & more visitors to your business website SEO is just one of the many techniques you could use online, as you probably know…

For some however SEO is seen as a risk that should be avoided, with plenty of tales from businesses that have been burned by Google’s search updates in the past.

Sure you can save yourself from spending hundreds or thousands of dollars improving your search ranking only for Google to change the rules..  But can you really get away from SEO?

If you use the internet to market your business chances are you can’t really get away from SEO, whether your marketing through Google or not..

SEO spans far beyond the likes of Google, Bing & Yahoo

If you choose to ignore SEO you’re going to lose out… And here’s why:

  • If you market your business on Facebook you need SEO to reach more of your fans & more of the 1.2 billion people who log into the site each month.
  • If you sell on Amazon you need to optimize your product listings to appear higher in their search results
  • If you collect business reviews on Yelp you need to spend time if you want to rank higher on the site
  • If you publish videos on YouTube you better spend some time on your titles & descriptions if you want to be seen among the 100+ hours of video uploaded every second..

You get the point…

Each of these services processes millions of pieces of content every day and all of them have their own ranking algorithms to decide who should be given prime placement.

Even LinkedIn has its own proprietary algorithms to order results when searching for people on the site.

While each of these sites might be different they are all search engines which need optimizing for in a similar way.

Can you really ignore SEO if you want to compete online?  What are your thoughts?

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Why you can never Ignore SEO
Can you really afford to ignore SEO in your online marketing efforts?

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