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Why Local SEO is Easier Than You Think

Local SEO

Getting your website to the first page of Google is often seen as complex task for many business owners.  It’s seen as a long term strategy that requires a lot of time & resources to take effect.

But if your business is wanting to compete on a local level however the odds are more in your favor.

Since Google launched their ‘pigeon’ update in July 2014 it has become easier for local businesses to reach the coveted top spot in the search results.   Local businesses that aren’t taking advantage of this are soon going to lose out.  Why? Because local search is big business!

1 in 3 searches on smartphones occur right before a customer visits a store – Google Think Insights

Due to the increase in searches on smartphones more consumers are wanting to search for local information and as such Google wants to make it easy for businesses to be able to provide that information.

It’s easier than you might think

If you want to reach the first place of Google, local seo is the way to go, and it’s easier than you might think!

  • The competition is lower – You are only competing with a handful of small businesses & a lot of them aren’t going to be focusing as much on their online marketing.
  • The expectations are lower – You don’t need to prove as much to achieve local success in the search results.
  • You don’t even need a website – A large amount of the local info Google supplies comes from their own services, not from external websites. For example a search query might return a list of Google Places results, or information from a Google+ page.

If you want to compete in the local search results most businesses can expect good results.  Provided that you take the necessary steps to optimize your site locally as well as your “online brand” as a whole, you should have a good shot at reaching the first page of Google.

If you live in an average town of up to 70,000 people Elvin Web Marketing will guarantee to get your website to the first page of Google within 3 months. 

If after this time your website hasn’t reached the first page you won’t pay a penny!

Call us today or a free no obligation consultation: (203)882-0171


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