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Elvinwebmarketing | Online Marketing | What an outdated website can cost you in business

What an outdated website can cost you in business

Outdated Website

The web is so integrated into our everyday lives that we expect every business to have a website. Okay most businesses have got the point now, so you might be of the impression that you’ve home dry.

If you have a website your customers can find you online, great!  But having an outdated website can be almost like having no website at all, turning customers away & costing you business.

Your business website is often the first point of interaction people have with your business, so you want to get it right.Outdated Website


How can an outdated website hurt your business?


It gives off a bad impression

It’s almost like you don’t care about your business or your customers, whether this is your intention or not, this is the impression that people will get. An outdated website could make customers think twice about doing business with you; what’s more it could have an affect on their trust in your brand & your business, never good!


It will lose you mobile visitors

There’s a high chance that if your website is outdated, it isn’t mobile friendly. If your site doesn’t work well on a mobile screen people are going to leave frustrated, without making a purchase & you won’t reach mobile visitors either… Google doesn’t showcase non-mobile friendly sites at the top of the search results!

These days more Google searches are made on mobile devices than on desktops! So a non-mobile friendly website potentially means losing 50% or more if your customers.


It probably means outdated content

If you haven’t tended to your business website for some time there is a good chance you haven’t tended to your content either; and it can have a big effect on your bottom line.  For example you’re not going to get many customers if the phone number on your site changed 5 years ago, or if the products you list on your site no longer exist.

What’s more outdated content can hurt your search rankings too; pages that once resided on the first page of Google can silently slip away over time, especially as information starts to change.  Keeping your content fresh & current will give Google a reason to place you back on the top spot.


It can hurt your search position

You might have wondered why your site never appears on the first page of Google.  This can be for a number of reasons & mainly because SEO (search engine optimization) is constantly evolving.  If your site hasn’t been updated for a while it probably doesn’t meet the standards that Google now expects. What worked 3, 5 or 10 years ago no longer works now so changing your site’s SEO is critical to remaining at the top spot.


It may not even load

Even worse than providing out of date information visitors may not get to read your content in the first place.  Websites built with Flash for example don’t work on Apple devices and Google does not understand them, so you may as well have no content at all.


It’s a security issue

Online Security threats are constantly evolving, if your site isn’t being updated it may not be protected against the latest vulnerabilities.  If your site offers any ability for payment or houses any customer information it is critical that you keep it up to date with the latest security fixes.

If your site is built using a content management system such as WordPress for example you might be missing out on regular updates which “patch” security flaws & bugs as they are discovered.

Cyber security is an increasing problem, even for small business owners & can cost your business dearly if you find yourself on the receiving end of an attack.


What are the benefits of updating your website?

  • You will turn away less visitors
  • You will turn more of them into paying customers
  • You will reach customers on every device
  • You will direct more customers to call or visit your store

A website is one of the most effective & valuable forms of marketing available, so you want to be sure it’s working at its best.



Modern, Mobile Friendly Websites from Just $500.

If your business website hasn’t been updated for a while it could be costing you money & hurting your business brand in the process!

Is it time for a website re-design or an upgrade?  Elvin Web Marketing works with small businesses to create modern, mobile friendly websites that get you results!


Our web design packages start at just $500 & include:

  • Search Engine Tags – To increase you Google ranking
  • WordPress Back-end – So you can login & make changes yourself
  • Responsive Design – Why settle for just mobile friendly? Our sites look great on any tablet, laptop or PC screen
  • Your branding – Designed to match you & your business identity


Call Elvin Web Marketing today to discuss how we can help transform your existing website! – (203)882-0171


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