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How Local SEO Can Boost Your Bottom Line

Local SEO

Local SEO is fast becoming the new internet goldmine

A few years ago the internet was heavily criticized for taking business away from local stores.  The ability to shop any time of the day & low operating costs have left their mark on local businesses.

But now it seems this role has completely reversed!

A business that finds itself at the top of the local search results can expect to reach floods of local customers, drive more sales & improve their bottom line too!

The rise in smartphones and ‘on-the-go searches’ has led to an influx of local searches.  These searches typically result in a positive action for the businesses too, many follow up with a store visit or phone call soon after:

Local SEO

People search for local restaurants to auto repair shops, hotels & everything in between.  They want information such as: Business hours, directions to a store & business addresses.

Since people are searching for your business themselves, you already know they are highly targeted to your business.   With local SEO there’s no need to waste money targeting the wrong people.


Google is on your side

Google wants to make it easier for businesses to reach local searchers.

In June 2014 Google launched “Pigeon” their local search algorithm. The update was introduced to improve the quality of local search results, it makes it easier for local businesses to ‘get found’ on Google and so far it seems to have worked exceptionally well!

The update helps businesses to:

  • Compete in the search results on a local level
  • Reach searchers based on their proximity to your store
  • Target customers by town, city & even neighborhood

Google knows that consumers want to search for local information.  Studies by its Think Insights have uncovered just how big local search is; but more importantly how it can effect your bottom line.

According to Google Think Insights:

  • Local search leads to sales – 18% of local smartphone searches led to a purchase within a day compared with just 7% for regular searches
  • Local search is massive – 4 in 5 consumers use search engines to find local information
  • Local search gives quality leads – Phone calls are high quality leads – Consumers are actively looking to make a purchase when they call

So not only can you expect to reach 4 in 5 consumers, you can expect to receive more sales calls, more in store visits & purchases.

If you want to reach more local customers, few solutions are as effective as local SEO, and it’s easier than you might think!

Not only is local SEO more targeted than traditional forms of marketing, it is cheaper in the long run & continues to generate results even after you stop spending money.

With local SEO you aren’t competing with large national or even multi-national businesses, reaching the coveted top spot is an achievable for any local business that wants it.


Is it time you took advantage of local SEO?

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