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Reasons to Use Bing Ads Instead of Google AdWords

Are you looking for an alternative to Google Adwords?  Looking to get more out of your PPC budget?  Today we’re looking at how Bing can be a worthwhile opportunity for your business and the reasons you might use Bing Ads Instead of Google Adwords.

Bing Ads

With cheaper cost per click & less competition on average, Bing is a serious contender against the market leader Google AdWords.  Although Bing remains the second largest search engine after Google, it’s often forgotten about by marketers.

Should you use Bing Ads instead of Google AdWords?  Let’s take a look at some of the differences & benefits of using Bing ads:

Bing ads have a Cheaper Cost-Per-Click

One of the most attractive benefits of Bing Ads is it’s low CPC, since there are a lot less people using the Bing Ad Network there’s a lot less competition.  Bids are kept low and as a result you can achieve a better ad placement for less than you would spend on Google.

On average you can expect to enjoy a 35% lower cost per click on Bing compared to Google – AAG


Bing Ads Makes Device Targeting Easier

If you’re interested in multi device targeting, Bing is the option for you.  Far more flexible than it’s Google counterpart, Bing Ads allow advertisers to target tablet, desktop or mobile users, even down to the individual devices they use.  If you tandem this with web analytics it’s a good opportunity to advertise only to your most receptive audience.


Bing Ads Shows You Where Your Ads Are Going

Like Google, Bing lets advertisers choose to target Bing & Yahoo, select partner sites or both for their advertising.  Unlike AdWords however Bing allows advertisers to see exactly which partner sites their ads are displaying on.   After running a report advertisers can easily block partners they don’t wish to advertise on as a “website exclusion”.


Bing Ads Gives Better Demographic Targeting

Want to target a particular age group or gender?  Bing DemographicsWith Bing Ads you can target searchers by demographic, a feature not yet available for Google Search ads.  Understandably the ability to reach a certain age group, male or female is a significant benefit to many businesses, especially if they have an established target audience already.

Should you use Bing Ads Instead of Adwords?

If you want to know whether you should jump ship from Google & use Bing exclusively, the answer is no.   While there are potential gains to be made from using Bing ads instead of Google, it really comes down to personal preference.


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5 thoughts on “Reasons to Use Bing Ads Instead of Google AdWords”

  1. Hey,

    An another superb post from you Oliver Neely!!

    In my opinion Bing needs to build its market share so that we can reach upto our target clients in any given demographic.

    Bing is always a quick win. Cheaper traffic and amazing performance. Only managing Bing accounts vs revenue is point of discussion (with clients). But with tools like DoubleClick Search you can manage all from one account with even one bid strategy cross-engine.

    I would definitely recommend my team to follow you and learn from your posts. They are quite knowledgeable and may help them in serving the clients efficiently.

    Keep up the good work!

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