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Why You Need to Invest in SEO in 2016

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Invest in SEOSearch Engine Optimization is a process used by millions of brands worldwide.  Big or small, organizations know that to compete in today’s digital market, they need to invest in SEO.  Top brands have whole departments dedicated to improving and maintaining their search position.

But despite its popularity, SEO is not without its detractors.  What would be considered a modern day staple of business marketing for some is seen as an unnecessary expense for others. Search engine optimization is a complex topic, leaving plenty of businesses confused and quite frankly put off.  It’s not surprising so many business people choose to avoid it.

But although a brand can theoretically survive without SEO, there are plenty of reasons to embrace the internet through search engine optimization.

Unsure about SEO? Wondering if it’s worth the investment in 2016?  Looking to get more out of your online marketing budget? Should your business invest in SEO this year?


Here are 8 reasons to invest in SEO in 2016

  1. More Targeted Advertising

SEO allows you to target people who are actively looking for your product or service.

Unlike Facebook (as an example), people on Google are often ready to make a purchase when they begin making a search.

  1. Your Customers Expect You to be There

Your customers expect to find your business on Google and other search engines; If you haven’t spent any time on SEO, your business could be invisible in the search engines.  Why have a website if no one can find it?

  1. Less Expensive Than You Think

SEO has a reputation for being expensive and complicated.  While this may be true for traditional websites, Google has made it a much  easier and less expensive for local businesses.  If you want to achieve top rankings in your town, city or state, it’s probably easier than you think! If you’re not trying to compete nationally, you don’t need a six figure SEO budget to compete.

  1. SEO goes Beyond Google

Whatever platform you are marketing on, SEO probably plays a part.  While SEO is often linked to Google, it’s not limited to it.  Facebook, Youtube and Amazon are all in effect search engines.  They rank content in a similar way that Google or Bing does.  If you want to appear higher on these sites, you must too optimize your content in the same way.

This is in effect still SEO, after all SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”, not “Google Optimization”.

  1. Search is Growing

The rise in mobile use has made it easier and more convenient to search for anything, anywhere and anytime.  Your customers are no longer looking you up in the phone book, they’re heading straight for their smartphone and a search engine.

  1. Continual traffic to your website

Once you have improved your search position, you can expect residual traffic from search engines, without having to constantly maintain it.  A pay per click ad, for example only generates traffic when you pay, with SEO however, once you’ve obtained the results, you can sit back and watch the traffic role in.

Since you can target the keywords you want to rank for, you know that each time you’re getting a qualified lead, actively looking for your product or service.

  1. Positions can change

Don’t assume that your safe and dry if you’ve got good rankings now, it doesn’t mean that they’ll still be there in a year’s time.

SEO is constantly evolving and if you don’t continue to invest, you could lose out to a competitor who does.

  1. Good Return on Investment

Compared to other forms of online marketing, SEO has among the best return on investment.  Pay Per Click ads might generate more money in the short ter, but you’ll burn through a lot of money for the privilege.  If you want long term, sustainable results, you need to invest in SEO.


There’s Never Been a Better Time to Invest in SEO

It’s never been more vital for businesses to invest in search engine optimization.  In many cases consumers aren’t even leaving the search results to get the answers they are looking for; so if your website isn’t there, you could be losing out.

How much are highly targeted leads worth to your business?  Isn’t it time your business started investing in SEO?

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  1. It is true that SEO is the most important process to promote our site online and the reasons mentioned in this blog are appropriate to know about SEO. So it is better option to invest in SEO. Thanks for posting this article.

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