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Elvinwebmarketing | Online Marketing | 3 Common Reasons Your Web Marketing Isn’t Working

3 Common Reasons Your Web Marketing Isn’t Working

Web Marketing Isn't Working

Web Marketing Isn't WorkingThere are very few businesses yet to embrace online marketing, they know that their customers are looking for them online.  They know that to be seen as a serious contender in today’s market, they need to not online have a presence on the internet, but be active in their online marketing efforts.

Buy simply being online isn’t enough to guarantee an increase in business.

Have you invested in web marketing but are yet to see any results?  YOUR NOT ALONE!


Why Your Web Marketing Isn’t Working

Here are some common reasons your web marketing isn’t working, and what you can do to start getting results.


1. You Aren’t Using SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

One of the most common reasons people get nothing out of their web marketing is because they fail to take advantage of one of the most common online marketing practices, SEO.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of optimizing your website and online presence to achieve higher rankings in search engines.

Some people choose not to use SEO because of the expense, others simply don’t know what it is.  But whatever your reasons, SEO is not something that should be avoided at any length.

70% of online purchase decisions begin on search engines.

If your business isn’t there, you could be missing out on a significant portion of your target market.


Already using SEO but no results?

It’s important to remember that good SEO takes time and results can’t be achieved overnight.  There are lots of reasons why your search engine optimization may not be working, these include:

  • Too much competition
  • Targeting the wrong keywords
  • Low domain authority
  • Lack of external backlinks



2. You Have No Social Media Strategy

Most businesses know they need social media, but simply using it doesn’t guarantee success.   On the surface social media seems a relatively simple concept, but getting results from it is another matter altogether.

If you are using social media without success it could be due to any combination of reasons:

  1. Not using social media enough – It’s easy to get lost in the “buzz” of social media. If you post infrequently it’s likely you won’t reach many people. To make it easier why not try a social media calendar and plan ahead.
  2. Promoting to a small audience – A lot of businesses find it hard to grow their fan base on social media.
  3. Posting at the wrong time
  4. Promoting ‘to’ instead of engaging ‘with’ your audience – Good social media marketing is about building meaningful relationships with your audience, something that can’t be achieved with a few updates here and there.
  5. Sticking to one social network – Chances are your customers spend their time across more than one social network. There’s a big chance your competitors are too.
  6. Not including ‘call to actions’ in your posts – By far one of the biggest problems is that businesses fail to include some form of call to action in their social posts. This includes placing a link to your website, or incorporating leading text such as “call now, buy now, send us a message” etc..
  7. No images in your posts – On LinkedIn for example Images based posts attract 98% more comments.
  8. Not engaging with the wider industry
  9. Suffering from poor Facebook post reach – Facebook limits the amount of people who see each update unless you pay for advertising. In some cases a typical post may only reach 2-5% of your fanbase. Fortunately there are things you can do to increase your Facebook post reach without paying for advertising.
  10. Not analyzing your efforts – If you don’t spend time to analyze your social media efforts, you can’t know what you’re doing wrong or what you need to do to make improvements.


3. You aren’t analyzing your Web Marketing

Do you know who is coming to your website and from where?  Do you know how long they spend on your website?  These are all vital questions that can be answered with website analytics.

If you don’t have any analytics in place, you should start now!

With good web analytics you can:

  1. Identify web marketing efforts that aren’t working
  2. Discover how people are getting to your website
  3. Get expert suggestions to improve your web presence
  4. Re-focus your attention on areas that work best
  5. And a whole lot more…

Other useful exercises are to check your website for spelling, broken links and site speed, all of which can have a big impact on how well your website performs.


Is your online marketing not performing for you? Web marketing ins’t working for your business? Call: (203)882-0171 or leave a message on our contact form.

1 thought on “3 Common Reasons Your Web Marketing Isn’t Working”

  1. SOmetimes we question ourselves, why our marketing isn’t working? The common reason ? There is no call action, your site has a contact us page yet there’s no communication. Making a phone call based on someone’s communication, lack of strategy. For me, these are the main reason why our web marketing isn’t working.

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