Hibu is an international company offering website design and online marketing services for local businesses big and small.  Operated by the Yellow Pages, Hibu relies on the brand of its parent company for trust.  Used by thousands of businesses across the world, you would be forgiven for thinking Hibu is your one-stop solution to your online marketing needs.  However Hibu isn’t necessarily the answer to all of your problems.  In fact, they may create a few. Take a look at our Hibu website review to learn more.

We’ve spoken to many present and past Hibu clients and to be fair, some of them are happy with the service Hibu provides. But quite a few their clients, past and present, are not. They were waiting for their contract to expire so they could move to another web provider. What many people fail to realize however is that once Hibu has it’s claws on you, it’s very difficult to escape. Thousands of disgruntled customers have found that out to their misfortune.

The price

If you are already a Hibu customer, you will be fully aware of how much they charge for their service.  Hibu offers a complete package, with everything you would expect from an online marketing package.

For those thinking about using Hibu for their business, here’s a breakdown of what you can expect to pay (based on a 12 month contract):

  • $599 one-time fee for website design.
  • $19 per month web hosting (standard fee for web hosting).
  • $29.99 per month support fee (For a lot of businesses, they may only make one or two changes to their website per year, and really don’t need to be paying $29.99 per month for 2 changes to their website).
  • $19.99 per month video marketing.

See Hibu’s four pricing plans courtesy of http://hibuwebsitereviews.com/price-of-a-hibu-website/. (Disclaimer – this site was put up by a former Hibu employee. We can’t vouch for its accuracy).

But it doesn’t stop here. These costs keep rolling on, month after month. As you use the service, you can expect to pay the same amount every month, whether you’re getting results or not.  If you decide to cancel the service everything goes away, the website, the video, the works.

The SEO is non-existent or “generic”

Hibu promises to get your site on page one of a Google search for your business in your town. They keep their promise but as SEO experts we can spill the beans on that. To get a business on the first page for a single keyword isn’t that difficult and shouldn’t be that expensive. It’s certainly not something you need to pay $100.00 a month for in perpetuity. What about the next town over? You’re out of luck, Hibu will not get your site ranked there.

To compete online you need to optimize the website with the right keywords, meta tags and good quality content.   While Hibu SEO efforts have improved marginally in recent times, their sites still have little on-site optimization. There are many gaps which aren’t filled, such as no or incorrect image alt tags, SEO site maps, or poorly used heading tags.


You’re simply “renting” your web properties

We keep referring to “your site”. It’s actually Hibu’s site that they’re renting to you. Where most people’s frustration with Hibu stems from is the fact that in many cases they hold their customers web properties for ransom.  If you decide to end your contract with Hibu, you won’t have a lot to show for it.

Hibu still owns your website and claims your online listings such as Google My Business, Bing and other directories.  If you want to make any changes, or simply maintain control of your Google listings you’re at their mercy.

Remember that when it comes to local searches, industry experts cite Google My Business as the most critical ranking factor.  If you can’t take control of your own Google My Business page, let alone see what’s going on inside it, you’ve got no hope of making changes or improvements.   The same can be said for Hibu’s video marketing package, at a steep $19.99 per month, your videos are hosted on Hibu’s YouTube account, minimally optimized and you’ve guessed it, you still don’t own it!

For more information on Hibu, see the Yelp reviews of the King of Prussia office.


Simply put, if you are thinking of using Hibu to get more exposure online, take a little time to consider what you’re getting yourself into.  If you are already with Hibu, are you really getting your money’s worth?  Shopping around for a reputable and effective web and SEO company is your best strategy. Make sure Elvin Web Marketing is on your list.

We’ve never used Hibu (Why on earth would we?). So we have no firsthand knowledge about Hibu’s business practices. We have quite a few clients who used to be Hibu clients and their stories are similar; lack of results, lack of control and lack of service. Have you had a website with Hibu? What has been your experience? Let us know in the comments below!


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5 Response Comments

  • Marlene  August 14, 2017 at 11:12 pm

    I think we have been scammed by HIBU. 7 months with them still no results. I created my own website and maintain all the search engines we appear in. I have all the passwords for my Google business acct ,yelp, yp, etc.. In 7 months they have never asked me for these passwords. I am the only one who maintains these accts. So what are they doing for me??? Internet relevance?? After 7 months I don’t even show up on Google when I’m 4 miles away from my business. After reading all this I am begginging to accept that I have been lied to HIBU is not doing anything for me. Other than collecting money from my acct

    • Tina  November 15, 2017 at 9:52 pm

      Wow, it amazes me how un-informed many are regarding the digital space and how to represent themselves online. By the way, the space is constantly changing. Yes, I work for Hibu and have for 10 years. We provide a great service and many tools for our customers to gage what their program is doing for them. It is amazing how many business owner will complain on their service when they don’t even know what they have. We (Hibu) all the information they need to know but “Most” will not even read their email. “Most” will NOT participate in the process of a digital review, or heck…the proofing process of their own website. The expection level is what is off 90% of the time. We can not help our customers if they do not give us the time to do our jobs!! But will be the first to Bitch and want our service for FREE when it does not go their way. I have been a business owner myself and completely understand that side of the desk as well. The pricing on this page is not accurate! Google and Facebook both have given Hibu top accreditations. There is NO digital company that is perfect in the space as the space is NOT perfect and it is extremely complicated but as companies go we are one of the best in the space and we do have reviews and data to prove it.

      My job is to painstakingly coach and teach my clients on how to utilize the tools we provide but can I say, most do not take the time to do what they need to to fully understand it. It is overwhelming but bashing the company is not the answer either. Yes, our customer service side can get frustrating at times and there tends to be a communication gap based on understanding the terminology. A rep can help.

      As for canceling a program, there are terms and conditions that need to be met in which the client signs and is responsible for understanding. Again, this is due to the lack of reading. Many times I have experienced Hibu giving credit where credit is due, sometimes just out of good faith. When I read some of the bad reviews, 9 out of 10 times it is out of not understanding or mis-understanding what was presented or exaggerated expectations.

      Just my two cents. I have been on both sides as a rep and as a business owner.

  • Tony  September 1, 2017 at 5:54 pm

    Learn how to use proper grammar if you’re going to write a negative review about Hibu. Also, your pricing parameters are ENTIRELY incorrect. There is no support fees, no one time payments, nothing you have mentioned in your post is accurate, Oliver. Hibu is the leading company in the industry, no other company has been around as long as Yellowbook.

    • Paul Olah  September 29, 2017 at 2:55 pm

      you must work for Hibu then….all of my clients that used Hibu or similar services say the exact things listed here in this article. Companies like Hibu DO NOT CARE if the business is actually surviving off of their campaigns. At $100 a month how can ads for company run?! its absurd for a towing company alone ad spend is $1,500 minimum. Hibu and other companies like them are putting a bad taste in business owners mouths because they have no accountability and are essentially not holding true to their end of the deal.

  • Marlene  November 2, 2017 at 9:06 pm

    HIBU is nothing more than high way robbery. Web optimization, partners w google yelp yellow pages mobile app? Maintenance of online presence? Charging my act 90 a month, yet I control all my online presence not once have they asked me for my yelp password or any other pw. Not once have they helped me become more relevant on the internet. They give you a comment card to give clients. So when clients leave you a review they go to the link provided by hibu. However, the review the client leaves you will only be on your hibu review page. They are not allowed to share it with google??? But yet they are partners and affiliated to google?? Only time my sales rep has called me and I mean harassed has been to try to sell me another service. I was advised that if we were not happy after 6 months, they will allow us to cancel. Nothing but BS. Now they deny ever saying that. And yes still they take 90 a month, I heard the only way to do away w hibu is to close your bank acct. The day a class action suits begin we will be first in line. Please people if your on a low budget just opened a company, please DO NOT fall for hibu.. They have honestly really messed things up for me. I could’ve used that money towards Google or fb adds.. BIG LESSON LEARNED


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