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Does Your Web Designer Know SEO?

SEO in Web Design

SEO in Web DesignMost web designers don’t consider SEO when building a website

When designing a new website or bringing life to an old one, eye catching visuals and something that represents your brand are key.  A website should clearly show what it is you do and encourage people to take action, whether that’s give you a call or fill a form on your site.  That’s all very well if you have traffic coming to your website, but if you’re building a company website for the first time, can you guarantee a constant influx of traffic?

Businesses know they need a company website to compete in today’s digital world, but many of them stick at just that.  They build the website, but they don’t do much with it after that.  If your web designer knows SEO they can optimize the website at the same time as developing it, at least then if you do nothing else after the site is up you have a little more chance of being discovered.

Web Designers Don’t Always Know About SEO…

There are plenty of web designers who know little or nothing of SEO.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it means that you may have a harder chance of being seen from the off.  Search engine optimization can take some time to take effect, so it pays to get ahead of the game as soon as possible.  Being mindful of SEO in the design process can save you both time and money in fixing the problems in the future.

Fancy Websites Doesn’t Mean Search Engine Friendly

A website might look great but looking good doesn’t necessarily mean search engine friendly. For example websites with un-optimized images will be slow to load, something which Google frowns upon.  If text is displayed in an image, search engines won’t be able to read it, and as such determine what your site is about.  These are just some of the factors that designers need to consider when building your website.

Simple SEO Should be a Standard Part of Web Design

Basic SEO should be something of standard when building a website, making SEO friendly URL’s, space to add keyword rich text etc and heading titles are essential facets of creating a website that gets seen in the search engines.  It doesn’t take long to make these changes, and any good website developer should be making these changes as part of the development process.

When hiring a designer to create your company website, it is a good idea to ask about their SEO knowledge.  Does their service include any SEO?  If you use a full service digital marketing agency you can expect they will offer both SEO and web design and have knowledge of both.

6 thoughts on “Does Your Web Designer Know SEO?”

  1. Great advice. It is much better to be proactive when designing your website and implement SEO strategies from the very beginning in order to save time in the end.

  2. It definitely saves time and can be super valuable to have the web design set up with at least the basic foundations of SEO. Otherwise, it will likely need to get fixed later if the website isn’t optimized well.

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