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A Well Rounded SEO Strategy Will Bring Lasting Results

SEO Strategy

What can a well-rounded SEO strategy do for you?

A diversified SEO strategy will prevent your online rankings from taking a fall because of an unfavorable search engine algorithm update. It also enables more scope for organic traffic from different sources.  SEO is not stagnant. It evolves. When it does, you must be ready to hit the ground running, and you’re better placed to do so if you already have a foundation of different SEO techniques that you’ve already implemented.

It’s also worth noting that with diverse SEO techniques in place, you minimize the risk of over optimization. When you’re dependent on only one or two SEO concepts, you may tend to over-optimize. Over optimization can lead to penalties by Google.

A diversified content strategy is essential. You need to reach out to all audience types, spread across different online locations. Videos and social media posts will reach out to one type of audience, blog content lets you reach out to yet another segment. Podcasts allow you to engage people who wish to tune into something useful. A synergistic content strategy is the cornerstone of robust SEO.

A well-rounded SEO strategy allows you to target the audience at all the stages of the sales funnel.  You may convert a person with a passive interest into someone who wishes to learn more. You can reach out to the genuinely interested, and make a pitch to readers who are primed to make a purchase.

Here are the most important and beneficial practices that should be deployed in any well-rounded SEO strategy.

Optimize your website

This goes without saying. You optimize your website by putting your key word or key phrase in the proper locations on the page with the proper SEO tags. For a fuller discussion of on-site SEO, go to our article.

Get ranked on other websites

Having a presence on other, well-regarded websites will give your website a big boost. It helps protect you from becoming a victim of a Google algorithm update. Appearing on social networking sites can be a big boost to your branding. Listing products on shopping sites like Amazon and PayPal will help with sales and SEO.

Diversify your backlinks

Diversifying links means just that. Diversify the forums, the types of websites, and the content of your linking.What are we talking about? Let’s go through them.

Forums – Try to get links from a mixture of forums. Linking your content to an authoritative website within your niche is very good. Sending an article to an article farm can be very bad  An article farm, or content mill, are websites set up to fool search engines into believing the website is a content rich hub when in fact it is little more than SEO spam. If you do guest posting, make sure the guest your posting to is legitimate and relevant to you industry. Consider the different niches relevant to your business that can provide you with a backlink. For example, an online bookstore can solicit backlinks from enthusiastic readers who run blogs, from publishers, from reviewers, and depending on the type of books, you can reach out to a wide section of prospective backlinkers – you can reach out to parenting blogs for children’s books or DIY blogs and vlogs for how-to books.

Social Media Sites – Most social media websites encourage businesses to create a page on their platform. Sharing your content on them is a great way to share content with another business in your field. Virtually every niche has a group dedicated to it on Facebook or LinkedIn. While social links don’t carry the SEO cache they once did, links generated through them can carry quite a bit of weight after a while.

Video websites – Another good choice. YouTube, Vimeo and other video sites can be very useful linking partners.

Final thoughts

Spread the links over different pages. Sure, there are money pages that you want to boost, but it’s not a good practice to direct all your links to those two or three money pages. You need to have a mix of internal and external linking for best results.

Basically, a well-rounded SEO program will try to cover as many traffic drivers out there. You need not expend the same amount of energy on all, but it’s important to have a presence because over time, traffic builds up and a study of the analytics will allow you to compare the quality of traffic, thereby letting you tweak SEO accordingly. For example, posts that do well on Reddit send a lot of traffic and generate good karma for online properties. Give Reddit a try. Or, it could be Quora or Instagram for you.

If you wish to benefit from a really solid and safe SEO program, then get in touch with us. We’ll analyze your website, study it’s needs, and prepare an action plan that will work.







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