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Elvinwebmarketing | Uncategorized | How SEO-Friendly is Your Social Media Outreach?

How SEO-Friendly is Your Social Media Outreach?

Social Media Outreach SEO

Social media can help with SEO

Social media influences SEO. Your business can generate more organic traffic if you put in some effort to tweak your social media content so that it is SEO friendly. While Google does not officially consider social signals as a ranking factor, research, both detailed and cursory, shows a clear co-relation between the number of shares on social media and higher rank for a post. Having an SEO weighted social media outreach program in place can have a positive effect on your branding.

It is safe to conclude that social media boosts rankings on the SERPs, and therefore, it is worth your while to do all that you can to ensure that your business’s social media outreach is SEO friendly. A website can rank for its chosen keywords by implementing a carefully crafted social media SEO strategy.

Why Does Social Media Matter for SEO?

Let us first understand that Google does not consider social signal as ranking factors because it is not difficult to send contrived signals Google’s way. Also, if search engines began considering social signals, keeping up with them would be well nigh impossible because of the rate at which these signals appear. People are constantly liking and sharing content.

Social media allows you to reach out to a targeted audience. It is an opportunity to improve the visibility of your business with people who matter. It also lets you grow your base of potential customers. These are attributes that social media shares with search.

Social medial content shows up on search. Posts that you put up on social media sites get crawled and indexed. Good content, with the right choice of keywords that give you the best chance of ranking, can rank high on the SERPs.

When your social media posts get shared, their indexing leads to the indexing of your blog or website page. If the content is topical, for example, on new releases across industries, faster indexing could mean higher ranking. If your blog post hits the SERPs before your competitors and manages to earn backlinks facilitated by social media shares, then you can enjoy a steady stream of traffic. This is an easy rinse and repeat strategy for websites that can leverage topical content.

Another way in which social media boosts SEO is by augmenting authority. If you’re perceived as a subject-matter authority on social media, the perception will have a salubrious effect on your website’s health. Authority posts on Facebook and Twitter get comments and shares, leading to an increase in organic website traffic as well as in the number of backlinks. Some of these backlinks can be from authority sites; these are strong ranking signals for Google. The nice thing about backlinks that social media posts can get you is that there’s a good chance of these being from relevant sites.

How to Optimize SEO for Social Media?

  1. Post shareworthy content that answers questions and offers actionable help.
  2. Use targeted keywords and long tail key phrases throughout the content.
  3. Add appropriate meta descriptions to images.
  4. Use H tags to highlight keywords.
  5. Have a social media sharing strategy in place so that the content gains traction on these platforms and is shared by authority influencers.
  6. Position your brand as an authority. Post algorithm updates in 2019, Google has emphasized authority. If your brand gets noticed as an authority on social media, its positive effects will be felt on the SERPs, as explained above.

2 thoughts on “How SEO-Friendly is Your Social Media Outreach?”

  1. Thank you, John, for this insightful article on the importance of making social media outreach SEO-friendly. Your detailed explanation and practical tips are incredibly helpful. It’s great to see how optimizing social media content can positively impact SEO and overall brand visibility. Looking forward to implementing these strategies!

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