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Long Tail Keywords, A Great Local SEO Strategy

Long-tail keyword

Long tail keywords will bring targeted traffic ready to buy

Keywords drive traffic. Long-tail keywords drive highly targeted traffic. Using long-tail keywords is an exciting way to send geared-up organic traffic to a website. Using long tail keywords for content marketing is a tried and tested strategy that works. While such highly specific keywords may not drive a lot of traffic by themselves , a group of long tail key phrases can contribute handsomely to a site’s traffic. It’s up to you to decide how to use low search volumes to your advantage. Sometimes a useful keyphrase gets unearth. Keywords that have escaped notice can be a perfect match for your product or service. Ranking for such keywords is a joyful experience. They send a steady stream of traffic that’s already in the mood for transacting business with you. Then it’s up to you to decide how to nudge them to do so.

High conversion rates is an alluring benefit of using long-tail keywords.

Ideally, a long tail key phrase is easier to rank for because of the low competition. They don’t need a high search volume to be effective. Indeed, a low search volume is ideal. If a phrase with three or four words has a reasonable search volume, rest assured the competition for it will be that much higher.

Using online keyword tools online, such as Mangools, it’s best to hunt for a handful of long tail keywords that are a ideal match for your online or brick and mortar store. For brick and mortar stores, it is advisable to consider the local angle to searches – for example, Chinese takeaway near me or the best personal injury attorney near me.

Create content around your keywords

Once you’re ready with the long tail keywords, the next step is to create content around theme. If you have a sales funnel, you may want to create a series of blog posts, videos, social media posts, etc. for each step of the funnel. Long tail keywords are versatile and can be used in this manner. You will be targeting a niche audience, with a high probability of a greater conversion rate. With long tail keywords, you’re not just throwing mud at a wall. You are giving yourself the best shot at placing your business at an advantageous position compared to your competitors.

Since long tail keywords are a fair representation of how people search online when they actually want to make a purchase, their inclusion in content assures readers about the relevance of the content. For this very reason, they resonate with the audience through CPC ads. And ads with long tail keywords cost less.

It’s worth noting that voice search is detailed and granular, essentially it comprises long tail keywords. You can achieve two marketing and sales objectives by investing some time and money into these keywords. Your website will rank high on the SERPs for written and voice searches on both desktops and mobiles.

Since long tail keywords are highly specific, you will find that sometimes there isn’t much to write on them. And you don’t want to plaster your website with thin content. A sensible approach that uses such keywords with different types of content is one that is likelier to succeed.

The best way to leverage long tail keywords for a business is to ally with an experienced SEO firm. An SEO firm knows how to create content and market it so that your business reaps the benefits. Remember, a single long tail keyword can be a veritable goldmine. Your business website might be placed just right to benefit from a couple of such keywords.

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