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Get More Calls with RingBot


RingBot turns a desktop computer into a mobile device

It’s not too often we can say a new piece of technology has crossed our desk which we consider a game changer. But recently we came across a website tool that we feel is a definite game changer. RingBot is a piece of script that turns your desktop computer into a mobile device.

Not all web traffic comes from mobile device. A case in point, our traffic is over 85% desktop initiated and there are many companies out there like us. As everyone knows, click to call buttons don’t work on desktop devices. RingBot is your desktop click to call tool, easily allowing your prospects to request an immediate call back from you.

Here’s how it works.

  1. Call us at 203-882-0171! We’ll set you up with your custom dashboard. Don’t worry, your first month is free!
  2. From your dashboard you get to decide what phone, or phones, your prospect will request a phone call from.
  3. You decide what text to use to encourage the web visitor to reach out to you. We can help if assistance is needed.
  4. You decide what hours you will be available for an immediate call back. If the request comes in after hours, the RingBot will ask your prospect for a time when they are available for a callback. You’ll receive a text message alerting you the prospect requests a call back at that time.

It’s that simple! If your prospect has a question or is ready to buy, they don’t have to go looking for a phone. They just click on RingBot and within seconds you’re answering their questions.

TRY RINGBOT FOR FREE! After 30 days you’ll know what a bargain it is.

RingBot is only $75.95 after the first month. You can cancel at any time.

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