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DIY SEO: Tips for Local Business Owners


DIY SEO is one way to get new clients and we have the information.

Even if you’re not an SEO expert, it’s possible to optimize your local business’s website. There are DIY SEO tools available that can help bring it at the top of the search engine results. For small businesses, hiring an SEO expert can take a significant portion of their marketing expenses. Before outsourcing your website’s SEO to freelancers and agencies, try a Do-It-Yourself approach. Local marketing DIY SEO tips and best practices are available on the internet. You can increase your local business’s online visibility by utilizing them. A side benefit is learning SEO skills that are highly valuable in today’s digital era.

Five commonly used local DIY tools that you can utilize for your business.

  1. Moz Local

One of the most popular local SEO tools currently available is Moz Local. Their data cleansing process and automated duplicate deletion ensures that your location data is accurate and consistent throughout the internet.

One of the key features of Moz Local is its Real-time Profile Management. Every time you update your location data, it automatically relays the information across the Local Search Database. You can gain valuable insights into your Google and Facebook presence through its deep Google and Facebook Integration.

Priced between $129 – $299 per year, Moz Local has plans that will fit most budgets.

  1. BrightLocal

An all-in-one local marketing platform, BrightLocal helps deliver local marketing success through its local SEO tools, reputation manager, citation builder, and agency lead generator.

BrightLocal’s dashboard has all your local SEO data in one place. Depending on your preference, it allows you to customize your dashboard layout with drag-and-drop modules. While your dashboard shows easy-to-understand charts, you can get deeper insights by clicking through detailed reports.

The price starts at $29/month, where you can monitor your business in up to 3 different locations.

  1. Whitespark

Founded in 2005 as a web design agency, Whitespark now focuses on SEO software tools. Their mission is to help local businesses improve their web ranking by managing their local search. Whitespark is best known for its Local Citation Finder that provides key citations from competitors and benchmarking it with your own. These citations serve as an opportunity for your business to plan next steps accordingly.

Another popular tool is the Reputation Builder that helps you earn more online reviews, testimonials, and customer feedback. It builds a continuous cycle of customer feedback and reviews that helps convert more customers.

Each tool has its price plans, so it’s better to visit their site and contact them for your needs.

  1. Yext

Yext maintains the accuracy of your online business information.  Their software integrates various local directories, maps, apps, and social networks. The most used SEO features of Yext are:

  • Listing – You’re in control of your listings. Customers can search accurate information about your business on the internet
  • Pages – You can easily add and update facts about your brand to your website.
  • Knowledge Manager – Knowledge  Planner takes all the information about your business from the internet and compiles it for your reference.
  • Reviews –  This helpful widget helps generate, monitor, and respond to reviews from your customers.
  • Analytics – This tool helps you measure how well you rank in search.

Depending on your preferred package, their price starts at $199/year.

  1. Listing Management Tool by SEMRush

By collaborating with Yext, SEMRush created the Listing Management Tool to manage your business listings with ease. As Google uses multiple directories to cross-check your business data, accuracy and consistency are critical for your listing information.

SEMRush boasts several key features that SEO experts use regularly. Features include keyword research, local rank tracking, backlink analysis, on-page analysis, and client reporting tools.

The price for SEMRush Pro is $99.95/month, and that includes the Listing Management Tool.

If you’re considering implementing DIY SEO strategies for your local business, the above mentioned tools will help you achieve your goals. By using the tool that best suits your needs, you can boost your website’s traffic, increase your reach, and win more customers.

If you need help with your local SEO, we are always available to help







5 thoughts on “DIY SEO: Tips for Local Business Owners”

  1. I’m thinking about using one of your suggested tools. Another option is outsourcing to get a VA doing these things for me. However that might initially involve a lot more of my time. It’s tricky to get it right.

    1. This article concerned itself with listing aggregators, not the listings themselves. We agree about the value of GMB and have many articles on the subject here.

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