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How Will Your Website Fare Against the Competition in 2021?

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Your website should be updated regularly to maintain a competitive edge

2021 will soon be upon us. Website owners should ideally get busy with tweaks and changes to their websites after taking into consideration what the trends portend for 2021 and where their online businesses stand vis-à-vis the competition.

COVID-19 has become a major factor in online sales

The novel coronavirus pandemic has actually given an impetus to online trade, and the major retailers have delivered impressive sales. Online stores, especially those targeting a local area, can really benefit from implementing robust local SEO strategies for 2021. In the post-COVID online marketing scenario, communities will focus on supporting the local economy and local online retailers can make use of this opportunity to revitalize their business. The coming festive season and New Year holidays provide a platform for building momentum that can be sustained through the new year by implementing SEO strategies that can make a difference.

Your website needs user friendly content to deliver a message

In 2021, businesses that understand the importance of creating content that best understands and helps users with fulfilling intent will be rewarded by the search engines. Tying this with a local approach will yield the best results. Online retailers that get to work now will see the results in the new year. A Google My Business account, reviews, keywords with a local angle, optimizing the content for voice search, and an “About Us” page that targets a location are some of the important steps to take to improve performance on the local SERPs.

Go mobile or go home!

Mobile internet searches are now the norm as compared to searches on desktops. Moreover, these searches have a local intent. In 2021, as in the past, websites that are geared for a superior experience on mobile phones will do better on the SERPs. Having a mobile-friendly website is now a pre-requisite for e-commerce stores wishing to generate organic traffic. Businesses that fail to offer a satisfactory mobile browsing experience run the risk of slipping down on the SERPs and worse, earning negative comments on social media and review sites. When that happens, it requires a lot of hard work to undo the damage, and this is best avoided.

User experience optimization segues nicely into all of the above-mentioned points and will be a major differentiator and updates that Google will likely roll out next year will assuredly influence UX optimization. Site speed and content optimization for easy navigation will continue to be important factors.

Authority through backlinks is still important

Backlinks will continue to remain an important marker of the quality of content on a website and its authority. The trick, in the new year, will be to try and rank for products and services that will attract greater demand in the post-Corona world. Also, businesses that assure the implementation of safety protocols for deliveries and in-store transactions stand a better chance at winning over a customer’s confidence.

Finally, webmasters that implement a holistic SEO strategy covering content in its various forms across platforms stand a much better chance of ranking for their chosen keywords.

2021 will definitely reward website owners who understand that SEO is a continuous and evolving process. And the best time to set things in motion is now.

If you have questions about how your website stacks up to the competition, we can help.


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