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Why it Makes Sense to Hire an SEO Expert Before a Web Designer

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An SEO expert should be consulted before the website is developed

Your website is the face of your business on the internet. However, your website can get lost in the sea of websites offering similar products or services. There is only one way you can make it shine through and ensure that it gets sufficient traffic. That is by making sure that it ranks high on a search engine results page (SERP). Having a beautiful looking and user-friendly website is not enough. You need to get the right people to visit the website. How can you make that happen? This can happen when your website is designed in a way that it is easily discoverable. That is why hiring an SEO expert is the first step in a web design project.

For example, when someone searches for roof repair service in Fairfield County on Google, they will get hundreds of results. The person will probably not search beyond the first two pages. They will visit a few websites and book a service with the one they find the most suitable. In short, if your website appears on the first page of the search engine results, you are more likely to have potential buyers visiting your websites. You can bring your website to the top of search engine results page by way of Search Engine Optimization.

This means, for any business it is essential that their website is search engine optimized. Still, most businesses don’t think about SEO until after their website is designed. While their website may be the most beautiful among their competitors, it is unlikely that they will get many visitors. Not incorporating SEO at the design stage is running the digital marketing race with a crippled leg. This is the primary reason that you hire an SEO expert for your website before you actually begin a web design.

Why you must build an SEO friendly website?

As we said earlier, millions of people use search engines each day, but only a few navigate past the first page of search engine results page. The first SERP on Google gets 71% of the search traffic clicks. It is believed that this figure has climbed to over 92% in recent years. The second page gets just about 6% of the clicks.

Clearly, SEO should be an integral component of your website design process. Your business deserves a website that is built for search engine marketing and lead generation. This makes it necessary that your SEO service provider is onboard as soon as you begin the website design process. There are things that the SEO expert can do at the website design stage to make sure your website is competition-ready from the moment it goes live.

Why hire the SEO expert first?

There are many ways to design and build a website and not all technologies are built with SEO in mind. To build an SEO friendly website you need careful planning and a structured approach right from the beginning. It can get really complicated and you need an expert in-charge to ensure that your website is built upon a solid digital marketing plan. The SEO expert will take care of the following activities:

Right content

The most important thing required to rank well in search engines is to ensure that only relevant content goes on the website. The SEO expert will help create content that serves up the most relevant results for search queries. High quality content that answers user’s questions will help you get better search engine rankings.

On-page/Off-page/Technical SEO

On-page SEO includes things like using titles and descriptions that include relevant keywords that you want to rank for. It includes ensuring that your website is easy to navigate and has properly organized text. It basically includes everything that you do on your website to make it rank better.

An SEO expert will also take care of technical SEO, which ensures that the website is built in a way that it is easier to crawl and index. In other words, it involves technical aspects of website building which make it easier for search engines to find your website.

What you do outside of your website to improve the search engine rankings is known as off-page SEO. This can include things like link building wherein you build links from other external websites your website. It means making sure all the relevant online directories have your business’s information correctly, including the website URL.

While off-page SEO can wait till your website is built and launched, on-page and technical SEO has to be done before the site goes live. Leaving these for later would mean having to redesign the website and making critical changes, which would cost a lot of money and effort.


For any business, building a website is an investment. If your website is not built correctly or optimized for search engines from the very beginning, it will lead to a complete waste of time and money. It is like printing brochures that no one will read. So, it is essential to hire an SEO expert before you start designing your website.








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