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Is Twitter a Relevant Platform for a Local Business?


The social media platform has advantages for some businesses

Today, there are many social media platforms, including Twitter, that are available and each one is vying for user’s time and attention. In fact, social media is no longer used only for social interactions among friends, families or communities. It has become a preferred channel for businesses of all sizes to reach their prospects and customers. However, with limited resources and so many social media platforms available to showcase their products/services, local businesses often find themselves confused and overwhelmed.

In fact, a lot of small business feel that Twitter is just for teenagers, celebrities and large brands. They think there is nothing to gain from it. However, this is far from true. Anyone who serves local customers in a well-defined area can benefit immensely through social listening on Twitter. Here are some statistics to show why Twitter should be a part of every business’s marketing mix:

·         In 2021, Twitter had 73 million active daily users in the United States.

·         1 in 5 adults in the US use Twitter.

·         People on Twitter are 53 percent more likely to be the first to try new products.

·         79 percent of Twitter users reported taking action after seeing a brand mention.

·         Time spent viewing ads on Twitter is over 26 percent higher than on any other social media platform.

Benefits of Twitter Marketing

·         Twitter is an excellent platform for businesses to network and connect with the new audience

·         It helps drive traffic to your website

·         Twitter is a great way to distribute content

·         It can help improve sales

·         Twitter can boost your website’s SEO

·         It can help increases authority

·         Twitter is an easy way to gather feedback

How can small businesses use Twitter to reach potential customers?

Getting started

Start with signing up. Choose a unique, compelling and short username.  A short username makes it much easier for people to share your content. Also, it is good idea to pick a username that is consistent with your usernames on other social media platforms.

Start following people

Use your existing network of friends, business associates and colleagues to get started. Then you can use the advanced search option on Twitter to further step up your game. It is a great feature that local businesses can use to better reach to their target audience and communicate with them. The advanced search function that lets you search by phrase, keywords, or people from particular accounts. You can mention particular accounts or search by location. Local businesses can search for specific tweet queries near their location.

For example, if you run a car repair business, you could search for anytime someone near you has tweeted the keywords “car mechanic” or “car repair” or “car breakdown”. You can then reach out to them. When someone says, “My car broke down at so and so place. What’s the best repair shop near me?”, you can tweet, “We can be there in 30 mins, and then you can decide if we are the best”.

This is a great way to generate leads and make yourself visible. You can also keep an eye on what other people relevant to your business are tweeting.

Apart from this, there are several other ways in which a local business can use Twitter to give a boost to their online presence.

Listen and then start tweeting

Get a hang of how things work on Twitter. Listen to people, and see what they are talking about, how they are talking and what kind of content is generating interest. Retweeting is a good way to start engaging in conversations. As you become familiar with how things work, start tweeting.

Add location data to your tweets

By enabling location data on your tweets, you can let  users know when they are in close proximity to your business. The users can click on the location marker icon on your tweet to locate you. If they are interested in your product/services, they  can pay you a visit.

Build your follower base

There are several things you can do to attract followers. You can ask your customers to start following you on Twitter. You can offer specific discounts, provide customer support via Twitter and engage in meaningful conversations.

If managed well, Twitter can prove to be a great marketing tool for local businesses. It is best to seek help from a social media management professional to get the make the best of your Twitter presence.

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