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Does Blogging Help SEO?

small business blog help SEO

Blogging will help SEO if it’s done well and consistently

Yes, blogging does help SEO. However, having a blog isn’t enough. You need to update it regularly with quality content targeting the right keywords. Blogging can make a lot of difference to how your website performs in the search engines.

Research has proven time and again that businesses that blog have far better marketing results. A Hubspot study shows that companies that blog have 55% more visitors, 97% more inbound links and 434% more indexed pages. Here are some more statistics:

  • 95% of businesses with a blog report higher search engine ranking compared to those without a blog
  • 59% of SEO professionals rate blogging as one of their top inbound marketing activities
  • Blog posts continue to drive traffic and generate impressions up to 700 days after they go live. Updating old content, easy to do with a blog, will extend the life of the post.

How does blogging help SEO

A blog provides fresh content

Google places a lot of value in new and original content being added regularly to websites. It shows that your website is active and has real people behind it who want to offer relevant content to visitors. A blog is usually the most frequently updated section of a website. That means it constantly provides fresh content to search engines for indexing. It also provides the visitors with new and fresh content to consume. So, a blog not only pleases the search engines, it also keeps your visitors happy.

Improves user time on page which can help SEO

The uppermost priority of Google is to provide relevant information to people performing searches, so that they keep coming back to Google. When someone clicks on a link and immediately returns to the search page, it tells Google that they did not find what they were looking for. On the other hand, if they stay on the website for some time, it is a sign to Google that the website is helpful. When someone reaches the blog section of your website, they will spend more time reading the content than they would on a page with less information.

Your website will get more backlinks

Backlinks play a valuable role in the SEO workings of your website. It shows that other websites see something of value in your site and google notices this for search visibility. The more backlinks your website gets, the more likely your content will rank higher on the search engine results page. Research involving 2 million pages has shown that about 94.3% of pages did not get even a single visitor from Google. It was observed that 66.31% of pages didn’t have even a single backlink, and 26.29% had links from three websites or less. In short, high-quality backlinks can significantly boost your search rankings, and blogging is a great way to earn backlinks.


The right keywords are crucial in getting your content, products, or services in front of your target audience. Blogging offers the perfect opportunity to use long tail keywords. Long tail keywords tend to have less competition. They allow your content to reach the people who are searching for the information/solution you are offering. However, it is important not to stuff your content with keywords and make it look natural.

Brand exposure

When you have a blog that is frequently updated with quality content, readers are more likely to share it via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms. It opens up opportunity for likes and shares, and in turn, more exposure for your brand. They are also more likely to return to your page or sign up for your list.  All this ultimately translates into higher traffic for your website and raises your site’s authority levels in the search algorithms.

Most internet users now expect companies to have a relevant and helpful blog. If you don’t know how to use your blog to boost your search engine rankings or don’t know what to blog about, get in touch with our team of experts now.


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