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How Do Websites Get On Google?

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It is something that we take for granted almost every day.  Google helps us to find millions of websites all at the touch of a button.  But these websites don’t just appear in the search engine, nor do they automatically find their way to the top spot either.

Ensuring your website is visible to searchers on Google is a simple but essential part of your marketing.  If you’re asking any of these questions, then read on…

  • Why is my website not appearing in Google?
  • Why do my website changes not appear in Google?
  • How do websites get found more quickly?

How websites get to be on Google

New websites don’t automatically appear in Google search, instead we can either notify Google about a new web page, or wait for Google’s search engine bot: ‘Googlebot’ to find and index our site.

Googlebot or “search engine spiders” are the programs used to ‘crawl’ websites online.  They search the web for new content or pages to add into Google’s ever growing search index. Search engine spiders work by following hyperlinks from one web page to the next.

If you have little online presence then it is unlikely that Google will find your website by following hyperlinks alone.  In this case we start by informing Google of any new sites/web pages we want indexed, this notification will tell Googlebot to visit the web-page and add it to the search index.

Getting Google to spend more time on your site

Googlebot practically lives on active sites like Twitter, WSJ & LinkedIn, but it has little reason to spend too long crawling your average small business website.

Once your site is in Google’s search index search engine spiders may not return to crawl your site for weeks or months afterwards.

The frequency that Google visits your website depends on:

  1. How often you update your site’s content
  2. How many good quality links point to your website from others
  3. Your websites PageRank (i.e. how trustworthy Google thinks it is)

Note this is not the position your site appears in the search results but a rating between 0-10 that Google gives to all websites.  

How to get found on Google more quickly

Creating good quality content and a good website is half the story. To be found by people searching for your business you need to be active in getting Google to visit your website:

  • Tell Google about your website
  • Ensure your website has a sitemap (and tell Google about it) this helps Google to navigate your site better and index all of your sites web pages.
  • Spend more time on social media – Search engine spiders spend a LOT of time on social media so there is a high chance that they will follow any links you place to your site on them.

*Use Google Webmaster Tools to increase your search visibility*

Every business with a website should be using Google Webmaster Tools, period. Webmaster Tools is a free service from Google. It allows business owners and webmasters to view the status of their web domain in Google’s search index.  Webmasters provides valuable insights into how Googlebot views your website. You can find out often Google crawls your website and what you can do to increase your search engine visibility. You don’t need a degree in search engine optimization to understand it either. Webmasters is designed to be very user-friendly and the interface is easy to read and understand.

If you need help with your website’s SEO, give us a call. SEO is what we do.

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