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Things to Keep in Mind When Posting on Social Media

posting on social media

Posting on social media can help your business if it’s done right

It’s no secret that posting on social media is an incredibly effective way for businesses to engage with new, existing, and prospective customers. We have written endless posts on how small businesses can leverage the power of social media to reach out to a larger audience and boost their sales. However, considering the fact that social media can be a double-edged sword, business owners need to be strategic and selective about what goes on their social media pages. Here are some tips about social media messaging that business owners should keep in mind:

Ensure that your social media profile is complete

Before you start posting on your social media post, you should complete and update your social media profiles and pages. Remember, your social media account is your digital first impression and you should make it count. If your profile is incomplete, it will make your business look less professional and trustworthy. So, before you write your first social media post ensure that the profile is 100% complete.

Tailor your social media posts for different platforms

Different social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn offer different options to present your content. Also, people interact differently and engage differently with content on different social media platforms. So, make sure you choose the characters, image formats and sizes, and other parameters based on the platform you are posting on.

Know your audience

You cannot start writing content for your social media before you know who you are writing it for. You should know what your audience wants to hear and see from you, and you should strive to respond with content accordingly. This can help boost your engagement rates and you can get the most from your social media presence. There are various analytical tools available that can help you with demographic information and consumer behavior trends to help you create the right kind of content.

Use different visual media

The best way to grab the audience’s attention is to use photos, videos, images, and infographics. Photos and videos are liked much more than regular text posts. So, try to use some form of media in all your social media posts. Choose the media in a way that evokes interest and emotions. It should be engaging, entertaining, or informative.

Don’t make your posts text-heavy

No one comes to social media to read long pages of text. It is essential to keep the text short and crisp. Ideally, you should not use more than 200-250 characters. You can include a link to your web page or blog post for further information.

Add a call to action

This is the most important part of a social media post and is often neglected. You need to tell your audience what you expect them to do, albeit in a subtle manner. Your CTA could be as simple as asking them to like or share your post or prompting them to subscribe to your newsletter. You can use smarter CTAs that encourage your audience to communicate with you- You can ask them to answer a question in the comments or respond to a poll.

Creating compelling and engaging social media posts requires creativity and skill. If you think you are not able to use your social media presence effectively, get in touch with us. We will manage your social media for you and offer definitive results. Our team works with you to ensure that you get the most from your social media presence.


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