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What You Must Do Now To Ensure Your Company is Ready for The AI Revolution in Search

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The AI revolution has undoubtedly had a sizable impact on how businesses conduct their marketing efforts. In this review, we take a close look at the AI revolution and its impact on search. Specifically, we discuss what businesses can do to further prepare for the AI revolution that is already upon us.

About The AI Revolution in Search: Here is What You Should Know

The artificial intelligence (AI) revolution in search refers to the sudden change in the way online technology is being used by humans. Specifically, it most commonly refers to the changes in online search, which is rapidly evolving from the traditional model. There are many technology companies that are quickly developing sophisticated and advanced AI learning systems and search and information tools. Some of the more popular AI search developments in 2023 are:

  • ChatGPT
  • Bing’s Sydney
  • Google Bard

There is essentially a race to develop the best AI learning systems. Specifically, they are rapidly developing machine learning technology and chatbots. These machine-learning chatbots are able to pull across the entire internet and produce (relatively) reliable and detailed information for essentially any question the user may ask.

How The AI Revolution is Changing The Way People Search

More online searches are using conversational AI chatbots for information. In the past, most searchers relied upon search engines such as Google for information. Of course, this is still the dominant source for finding information fast online. However, there is a trend toward a higher use of AI chatbots. In fact, Google is developing its own (Google Bard).

So, why would a user want to use AI search developments and chatbots instead of traditional search engines? There are several reasons. For one, it produces fast information without you having to click on multiple tabs. Secondly, the answers are more precise and can be in any form. user desires. For instance, a user can ask an AI chatbot to “provide a list of the best materials for home floors with explanations,” and it provides a descriptive list within seconds. Also, there are (not usually) any ads that impact the experience.

Of course, the models may change, meaning there may be ads or the cost of using AI search technologies may increase. However, the quality of the AI developments will only continue to rise, and there is no doubt that they will play a role in search models moving forward (see below).

What You Can Expect From The Future of Search (AI + Search)

You can expect AI chatbots and search engines such as Google Search to merge with one another. For instance, many experts predict Google to merge its search and information technologies together. This means Google Bard and Google Search will become one, or there will be multiple ways for users to search for information within the same application.

How to Prepare Your Company for The Future of Search With AI

The fact is that tech companies such as OpenAI and Google are in the business of making money. Therefore, they will have to either charge for their service or run advertisements. Since a vast majority of people are not willing to ever pay to conduct an online search, advertisements will presumably remain the dominant source for these tech companies. However, the ad models may look different. It is important to stay ahead of the curve with your online advertising and marketing strategies.

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