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Google Business Profile Benefits that are Hard to Ignore

Google Business Profile

 Google Business Profile can attract prospects did not know existed

Google Business Profile, formerly known as Google My Places, is an easy-to-use tool for businesses to manage their online presence. With a Business Profile on Google, you can manage how your business shows up on Google Search and Maps. Your GBP page can help your customers find you and information like your website, hours, and address.

Having a GBP page is essential for any local business. However, many businesses still do not complete or fully optimize their business profile. With “Near Me” search queries increasing more than 200% in recent years, this could prove to be a costly mistake. Here are the top reasons why you cannot afford to ignore your GPB:

Let potential customers know that you exist

Nearly 97% of customers use online media when researching products or services in their local area. 90 percent use search engines, 48 percent use Internet Yellow Pages, 24 percent use vertical sites, and 42 percent use comparison shopping sites. So, by putting your GBP listing out there, you are significantly increasing the likelihood of people finding your business.

A Google Business Profile helps people find your contact information

The days of the Yellow Pages are long gone. In a survey, it was found that a majority of the consumers (87%) looked for a local business’s phone number or address online.  Also, that 64% of consumers used Google Business Profile to find a local business’s address or phone number. If you don’t have your GBP complete with all the contact information, you are losing out on a huge chunk of customers.

Increased website visits

A GBP can help increase website traffic by up to 35%. It has also been shown that over half of Google Business Profile interactions result in website visits. This means, if your GBP is fully optimized and you are able to compel potential customers to simply interact with the profile, there is over a 50% chance that they will visit your website.

Improves search engine rankings

When it comes to search engine rankings, your Google Business Profile matters because Google takes cues from different parts of your profile. The business category you choose, the information you provide, and what your customers say about you in reviews tell Google about your location, what your business is about, and how customers engage with you. In an expert survey, it was confirmed that GBP account for 32% of your Local Pack ranking, which is more than any other ranking factor. So, if you want your business to show up on local search results, a fully optimized Google Business Profile is a must.

Take bookings directly from the Google Business Profile page

If you are selling services, GBP gives you the ability to take bookings and appointments directly from your profile page. If you are a restaurant, salon, dentist, spa, or any other service provider, Google Business Profile makes it very convenient for your customers to book an appointment with you directly from the search results.

It is free and easy-to-use

The beauty of GBP page is that you don’t have to pay anything for the listing and it is very easy to update your profile. It offers a wide range of benefits both to businesses and search users. Google Business Profile helps you boost your search visibility, ensures that potential customers can find your business. This makes it easier for people to contact or visit your business. If you need help with GBP or any other local SEO issue, let us know. That’s what we do.





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