charity workers

How Charity Can Boost Your Local SEO

Feeling charitable? Supporting a charity might just boost your local SEO. Many local businesses freely give to local charities or non-profits. They do so for

Selling on Facebook 2019

Selling on Facebook in 2019

Selling on Facebook can be profitable. Until recently, smart internet marketing consultants were advising clients that selling on Facebook was not profitable. The thinking was

SEO and website redesign

SEO After a Website Redesign

How to protect the gains you made in SEO after a website redesign. If you’ve decided to give your website a new look and have

black hat seo

SEO Spam and Local Search Ranking

Is Your Business a Victim of SEO Spam? SEO spam is an example of negative SEO that blackhat SEO practitioners can deploy successfully against competitors

Fake ransomware

Fake Ransomware Scam on the Rise

Fake ransomware is costing businesses plenty. As IT systems become more advanced, so too do the hackers that try to infiltrate them.  Ransomware, the act