Accurate citations are an important local SEO factor for local maps and organic search.

Citations are an online mention of your business. Citations normally include your business name, address and phone number (NAP). They are like website links because they are used by Google for evaluating the online authority of your business. One major difference between links and citations is that unlike links, citations don’t need to link to your business’s website. Google will give credit to the citation without a link to the site.

How important are citations?

According to a 2018 Moz study, citations, or online listings, are one of the most critical factors in local SEO. The accuracy of your listings 1s critical for ranking in the local pack and on organic searches. A recent Google algorithm update has given added weight to local directories on the search pages. This is especially true for searches that include the term “near me”. Many online users trust websites like Yelp, Angies List and Trip Adviser to help guide their search. Visitors trust directories to give accurate information and reviews of a business. 

How can you find out if your listings are accurate? 

  • 1.You can check your business in the Google listings. Simply search your business using the exact name of your business and see what you have. You generally don’t have to go beyond 3 pages or so. Directories beyond that don’t have much influence with Google and the accuracy of your information is not as important.When you’re checking, be precise. The slightest variation can create issues. For instance, Smith Chiropractic, 24 4th Ave, Anytown TX would be different than Smith Chiropractic Office, 24 Fourth Ave, Any Town TX. Everything has to match up. 
  • 2. There are sites that will do the work for you. Yext, Moz and Brightlocal are three such websites.
  • 3.Use our free scanning tool. Our tool checks the top 23 directories to make sure your listings are accurate and complete.


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