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Elvinwebmarketing | Case Study For 3-D Bail Bonds

Case Study For 3-D Bail Bonds

Our task – better content and better search rankings for 3-D Bail Bonds

Elvin Web Marketing started working with 3-D Bail Bonds in Connecticut during the summer of 2017.  The company was looking for an agency to produce regular content for their blogs. They wanted help presenting 3-D Bail Bonds as an authority within their industry. They needed the business to have a wider web-based audience across the state and also needed their website to display better on mobile devices.

After a few months of working with 3-D it became clear that they were in a cutthroat market with fiercely competitive rivals vying for higher search rankings.

The relationship with 3-D grew early on and Elvin Web Marketing started providing consultancy, as well as many subsidiary services to help maintain their online presence. Our efforts expanded over the numerous locations they serviced.  This work involved improving the structure of the website, improving content on Google properties, increasing inbound links from authoritative websites and managing content in online directories.

Back in 2017, the mobile version of the 3-D website was poorly structured and not user friendly.  As a bail agency, one of the crucial actions people expect to take on the website is to make a quick call to them. That wasn’t possible.  The phone number wasn’t clear.


Elvin Web Marketing worked with 3-D to re-work their website on mobile devices.  The updated mobile site makes it very clear what actions a visitor can take.  They can call, send a text message, or apply for pre-approval financing. Visitors have the option to speak to someone English or Spanish.  When we made these changes to the website, 3-D started reporting more calls, which is exactly what they want their website to do.


More content = more visitors; and more complications.

The website had quite a few pages when we started working with 3-D.  Unfortunately, this meant for a complicated menu on mobile devices.


We fixed this with a push menu (appears from the side of the screen), with options restricted to what is most important to their website visitors.  When looking for a bail bondsman most people want quick answers in a situation of distress and confusion.  The new menu hopefully makes that easier for them.


Building Trust

Trust is very important to businesses like 3-D.  Their customers are in a vulnerable situation, often distressed and unsure what to do.  It’s important to them that they are dealing with a company they can have faith in.  For this reason, companies like 3-D are actively focused on how people rate them.  The ratings of bail bond agencies in 3-D’s primary location of Hartford, CT are competitive; and for a long time 3-D has enjoyed one of the best ratings, but there was no evidence of this on the website.

Elvin Web Marketing helped 3-D to implement a dynamic review badge which persistently shows on the homepage of the website and updates whenever the Google rating updates.

The badge shows a snapshot of the average rating, but when clicked opens all the latest reviews that customers can read from real customers, live from Google.


Building and maintaining ranking

One of the critical roles that Elvin Web Marketing has held in our relationship with 3-D Bail Bonds has been helping to grow and to keep their Google rankings.  As we said before, the bail industry in Connecticut is very competitive online.

Here are some graphs showing historical rakings for some of 3-D’s top keywords.  You can see that the rankings have remained steady over the long-term.

Search “Hartford Bail Bonds”


Search “Bail Bonds Waterbury CT”

Search “Bail Bonds Norwich CT”

Since 2017 when Elvin Web Marketing stated working for 3-D overall traffic and number of keywords ranked have risen considerably.  The chart here shows only keywords that appear in the first 1-3 position of Google searches.



Two of the keys to building and maintaining the lofty rankings has been producing regular authoritative content, and building the authority of the website. The 3-D website did not have many referring links back in 2017 and this has been one of the primary goals that we have worked on here at Elvin Web Marketing.


We are pleased to have been working with 3-D for a number of years now. Here’s what 3-Ds marketing manager had to say about working with Elvin Web Marketing:

“While looking around for some help with web content and mobile redesign, I found John at Elvin Web Marketing. John was very knowledgeable and honest from day one. He’ll tell you up front what he can do and where he can take you realistically unlike others. Once the project started we connected with Oliver, for more technical stuff. Oliver’s work is excellent. He’s talented, trustworthy, and very approachable. Overall, we are very happy with the service received and highly recommend them. Thank you guys.”