We Are a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Company Based in CT

We are the leader in SEO services, specializing in local small businesses. No shortcuts – No automated programs: 100% white hat SEO. Never be penalized – Google will be your friend! Showing up on the first page of an internet search is fundamental to your online marketing success! Our mission is to work with you to provide a solution to your unique business needs.

Why Use an SEO company?

  • Get consistent website traffic
  • Reach targeted customers
  • Your competitors are doing it
  • It’s cost effective

We have work with companies all across CT, the rest of the US and even the UK. Call: 203-882-0171 or Leave a message for a FREE Consultation


We analyze your website and give our recommendations.

SEO Company in CT

An Search Engine Optimization Company You can Trust

You may have heard stories of businesses who have invested in search engine optimization, only to lose their rankings after Google updates their search engine.  At Elvin Web Marketing, we only use 100% white hat SEO for our clients. This means we follow the rule book and never put your business at risk!

As a Google Partner, you know that you will never be penalized from one of our SEO campaigns.

How Do We Get SEO Results for Our Clients?

  1. We go over your entire website. We make sure the content is engaging and informative. We concentrate on one keyword per page so our SEO efforts aren’t diluted. We use the keyword to specifications set by Google and other search engines.
  2. We make sure the keyword is prominent in the Meta title and description of every page.
  3. Check for Alt tags on every image.
  4. Make sure the NAP (name, address, phone number) are correct on dozens of online directories.
  5. Add over 100 citations for the business
  6. Find authoritative, relevant links.

RESULTS… That’s our promise

No SEO company can guarantee results, at least not the ones with a grain of integrity. But we have had great success working with clients in many different business, in towns big and small. For most of our clients, we have them ranked on the first search for multiple keywords and multiple locations.

CALL US! If we can help you, we’ll tell you. If we can’t, we’ll tell you that too.

Looking for a reliable SEO company in CT? We work with businesses across Connecticut and all over the world. Call for a no-obligation discussion: (203)882-0171 or fill out the form below to request a FREE SEO report:


We analyze your website and give our recommendations.

RESULTS MATTER! Give us a call!

We will get your website on the first page of Google, increase your leads, your prospects and your business. THAT'S OUR PROMISE