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Why Use Video Marketing?

  • It’s more engaging than text
  • It’s a growing market (especially on mobile)
  • Video show more of your business personality
  • YouTube enjoys more viewers than any cable TV in the US alone!
  • Videos are noticed much more on social media & much more likely to go viral!

Don't miss out...

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine on the internet- Is your content reaching this exponential audience?

Video marketing will enhance a marketing campaign several ways. First, it’s much easier to get a video ranked than it is text – Meaning more viability & more people engaging with your content..

Videos are more appealing to the viewer than text, and generally people retain more information when shown something rather than when they read something.

Affordable Video Marketing

  • Slide Show Videos starting at just $69.95
  • Professional videos with voice over background music starting at $395.00

We have work with companies all across CT, the rest of the US and even the UK. Call: 203-882-0171 or leave a message for a FREE Consultation.


We have a wide range of video styles to choose from!


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