How to Spy on Your Competitors With Google My Business

In an effort to encourage more businesses to use the posts feature of Google My Business, Google has introduced a “Businesses like yours are posting!” section in the GMB dashboard.   Updated regularly it gives a carousel of latest posts from nearby businesses in the same or similar industry. It tells you the name of the business, how close they are and if appropriate gives you a link if they choose a “learn more” button.   It’s great for GMB post ideas If nothing else Read more […] […]

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Why You Should Create a GMB Site – Even if You Already Have a Website

You may have noticed in your Google my Business listing manager that there is a tab for a website.   For any business without a website its a nice little value add.  It’s only one page and very limited but acts as a good central location for all of the essential information about your business. Hours, contact details, directions (if applicable), photos etc..   The website’s Google generates aren’t amazing but they do the job, and the best thing is Google does most of Read more […] […]

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GMB Questions & Answers – Most Underused Feature?

GMB Questions & Answers is a great way to engage customers and prospects GMB Questions and Answers first started appearing on Google my Business back in August 2017.  Initially only available on android devices, it later rolled out across all devices in early 2018.   The feature allows consumers to ask questions such as: Does this restaurant offer gluten free options? How long is a consultation How long does x service take Technically anyone with a Google account Read more […] […]

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Local SEO – On-site or Off-site SEO?

off-site local seo

Off-site SEO is difficult but will pay dividends down the road More than 8 out of 10 consumers search for businesses using search engines. If you run a local business, then you don’t have an option but to focus on SEO – both on-site and offsite. Here’s a nice way to understand what either SEO does. On-site SEO lets you determine what you wish to rank for. Off-site SEO determines how high on the search engines your website ranks for the relevant search terms. A little thought tells us that Read more […] […]

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Brand Your Small Business on Social Media

Social Media Brand

Benefits of getting your brand on social media  Getting your brand to stand out on social media is not easy, and yet for some brands the whole social media exercise is a breeze. There is so much noise, so much information, and so much clutter that a reader can’t begin to scroll through the content. There’s little that is unique and worthy of actually reading. Ad blindness was already an issue. Now, even native ads are being objected to by people who seek only information and don’t wish to Read more […] […]

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Google Local Guides and Fake Reviews

Google Local Guides are not always trustworthy Many businesses have experienced the problem of fake reviews and it seems ‘some’ local guides play a part in the problem. It should be said the majority of local guides use the system fairly, but there is a growing population of local guides posting fake reviews at the detriment of local businesses. You may have already seen fake reviews from local guides. Fake reviews are a common problem and we have had numerous customers inform us about them. Recently, Read more […] […]

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WordPress SEO Mistakes that can Hurt Your Traffic

SEO mistakes

SEO Mistakes that are easily avoidable using WordPress If you are a business or individual with a website, chances are that you’ve opted for WordPress as your platform. After all, according to, 31% of all websites use some version WordPress. WordPress makes SEO mistakes avoidable through both the platform itself and the many free plugins that are available for SEO purposes.  You can leverage WordPress to leave competitors behind, and doing this is not rocket science. Yet, bloggers, Read more […] […]

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What to Do With Negative Business Reviews

No business wants negative reviews, warranted or not.  In a time when consumers value reviews more and more, not only does it reflect badly on your business but Google, Facebook and co actively promote reviews because they know people want to see them. A customer may leave a review on Google, Facebook, Yelp or Trip Advisor but people will probably see it.  One of the problems is business directories where people can leave reviews often appear high up in Google, with the rating right Read more […] […]

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What are Website Crawl Errors and How to fix Them?

Website crawl error

Website crawl issues are annoying at best and can affect SEO For the sake of uniformity and simplicity, this article explains website crawl errors in terms of what Google considers them to be. Google’s “Search Console” is the ubiquitous destination for webmasters seeking information about the health of their website. It is in your interests to keep crawl errors in check and do the necessary preventative maintenance, and repairs where required. Website crawl errors are usually divided into Read more […] […]

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What is Google’s Mobile First Index?

Google’s mobile first index was launched in 2015 and the full roll-out started at the beginning of 2018.  Now Google indexes the mobile version of websites before the desktop version.  If there is no mobile version the desktop index still comes into play; that’s why it is known as the ‘Mobile First Index’.   The mobile first index has a number of implications for website owners.  Simply put Google is grading your website based on the mobile version.  When Read more […] […]

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