GMB Spam and Local Business. Fight Back!

Local Spam

GMB spam is on the increase but Google needs your help to combat it. Don’t you hate it? You work your tail off making sure that your company is in the Google 3-pack for your location and your go-to key phrases. Then one day a company you know to be despicable and dishonest shows up in the 3-pack, knocking you down a position or two. A short time later a brand-new business in the neighborhood shows up in the 3-pack and you’re out of it entirely. “How can that happen?” you wonder. Looking Read more […] […]

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Google Core Algorithm – Another Month, Another Update

Google Core Algorithm

This core algorithm update was big! While Google search algorithm updates are common, big core algorithm updates like the one that was rolled out in May first are not. The last core update occurred in January 2020. This one appears to be bigger in scope and more impactful. What types of businesses were affected the most? According to Path Interactive, the most affected niches were nutrition and recipes, fitness, news, drugs, alcohol and rehab. These categories making the list is not surprising, Read more […] […]

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You Can Now Set Up a Gift Card or Donation Campaign on Google My Business

Gift Card on GMB

Here’s another way to keep your customers engaged during the Covid-19 pandemic Local businesses can now set up a gift card offer or a donation link right on their Google My Business page. It’s easy to do. Here you go. Go to our GMB portal and click “Posts” on the left side menu. Click COVID-19 Update on top menu Enter your message. The message must contain at least one gift card or donation link. Business owners must set up the landing page themselves. When adding content Read more […] […]

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After COVID-19. How Your Local Business Can Thrive

After COVID-19

Now is the time to get into position to thrive the after COVID-19 crisis recedes The news gets worser and worser. States are beginning to allow businesses to open but the cases and deaths from COVID-19 keep rising. Will customers start to come out even when the government says it is okay to do so? While data on that question is not yet available, we know for sure things will be different. How much your business prospers after COVID-19 abates will depend on how well you react now. Great reputations Read more […] […]

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Move Your Store Online- Now Is The Time

Your Store Online

COVID-19 will forever change the way people shop As a local business person perhaps you have thought about moving your store online. Despite recent headlines brick and mortar stores are still making many times more sales than online marketplaces. According to Commerce Department statistics 90% of consumer sales are still made at a store. But with Stay Home orders still firmly in place and relaxation of social distancing rules only gradually being rolled back, people may begin to change their habits Read more […] […]

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COVID-19 and Local Businesses One Month In

COVID-19 Local Business

Covid-19 help is here but not all local businesses are getting support We’re a month into the COVID-19 and some of us are doing okay. Most of us are not. The help that was promised us is not arriving. Although there’s talk about reopening the economy in a few weeks, it will be a slow rollout at best. Even then, if the virus infections start increasing, we’ll be back in our houses. Lets’ look at where we are today. What happened to my loan? The 2 trillion dollar Coronavirus Aid, Relief, Read more […] […]

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How to Spot Fake Reviews on Google, Yelp, Etc.

spot fake reviews

Two years ago, a client of ours complained that a Google Local Guide left a 1-star review for her company on Google. While investigating her problem we found that the problem of fake reviews was widespread and wrote an article detailing our findings (read our article on fake reviews by local guides). The problem hasn’t gone away, in fact it’s gotten worse. But how can you spot fake reviews that can have a devasting effect on your local business. after all, a study by Trustpilot found that 90% Read more […] […]

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How Important Are Local Online Directories for SEO in 2020

online directories for seo

Being in local online directories for SEO purposes still makes sense in 2020 Many of our clients ask, “Will being in local online directories for SEO help me in 2020”? Is it worth the time to get my business listed on directories? Some directories are free but there are others are subscription based. Is it worth spending money to be on any of those? The short answer to the questions is “YES”. Directories can play a useful role in the SEO strategy of any small business. They can boost Read more […] […]

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How Local Businesses Can Survive COVID–19

corona virus local business

Your local business can survive COVID–19 A few short weeks ago everything was so great. The weather was getting warmer, business was brisk. The stock market was soaring, and customers were flowing through the door. Now – Disaster! The Coronavirus, COVID-19, has completely upended your plans for 2020. No one is leaving the house, never mind visiting your store. The market is in freefall. Many businesses were told they can’t open at all. The situation is dyer for many local businesses. Some don’t Read more […] […]

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SEO Tips for Alexa in 2020

SEO Tips For Alexa

Here are some  important SEO Tips for Alexa SEO for voice-activated searches can drive traffic to your website. While Google’s Voice Assistant is the most popular voice search tool there are others too. These include Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana, and of course, Apple’s Siri. Here are some SEO tips for Alexa that will help drive more customers to your business. SEO Techniques to Benefit from Voice Search in 2020 Searchers use long tail keywords – The nature of voice search Read more […] […]

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Why Redesign Your Website in 2020

redesign your website

Why would you want to redesign your website in 2020. Like many design industries, web design is constantly evolving. Some designers choose to play with new ideas as they come along, but the majority of websites stay the same. Most consumers don’t notice each nuance and trend, so it’s not always necessary to keep updating your website.  But every few years, the rest of the web catches up. New trends become more commonplace and consumers start to notice – consciously or otherwise; their expectations Read more […] […]

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