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Understanding The Importance of Blogging For Onsite SEO

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Understanding The Importance of Blogging For Onsite SEO

Blogging is the process of creating articles, videos, photos, and other forms of content and publishing them on the website with the purpose of showing expertise and thought leadership on the topic. Blogs are a great way to regularly generate fresh content on the website and attract more quality leads to all website pages.

Today, there are over 1.9 billion websites world over, and of them, 600 million are blogs. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from blogging to increase website traffic, expand their brands, and build trust with their target audience. Blogging is one of the best things you can do to improve your chances of ranking high in the search engines.

If you are considering adding blogging to your social media marketing strategy, here are the top reasons to do it now.

Blogging really supports SEO: Some statistics:

Benefits of blogging for onsite SEO:

Supports internal linking:

Internal links are links from one page on the website to another page on the website. Both users and search engines use links to find content on a website. Internet linking means you are using anchor text linking to the internal pages of your site. It can have huge benefits.

When your blog starts attracting links, those posts begin to build up your equity or authority. Sometimes, your blog can perform better than some of your web pages, which can help attract visitors and increase conversion.

Target additional keywords:

Both searchers and Google crawlers use keywords to find out the information contained within your website and what you have to offer. It is practically not possible to target all the relevant keywords on your web pages, especially the long-tail keywords.

Blogs give you an opportunity to add more keywords to your website. You can target different keywords in each of your blog posts. This improves your chances of appearing in the search results.

Adds fresh content to the website:

Search engines like Google like content that is fresh and active. This means that Google likes websites that have fresh content added on a regular basis. By publishing regular blog posts, you can keep your website content current. Publishing new content consistently on the website can also help you build a returning audience.

This eventually drives more high-quality traffic to the website and establishes your authority in the search engines.

Engage with potential customers:

Blogging offers you the perfect opportunity to engage with your target audience and earn their trust. You can interact with your audience and understand what information or solutions they are looking for. This helps you build relationships and earn followers organically.

This improves your site traffic and, eventually, your SEO results. Are you looking for a content partner who can manage your blog and ensure that you get the SEO results you are after?

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