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Elvinwebmarketing | Roofing Company Rises to Top of County in Google

Roofing Company Rises to Top of County in Google

JPW sees huge increase in web traffic

When they came to us in early 2018 JPW Building had a GoDaddy site-builder they had built and managed themselves from a GoDaddy template.  The website suited its purposes by making it easy for them to control the website themselves. But the website wasn’t optimized well for SEO, and suffered.  The website had just 7 pages with limited content, and no tags needed for SEO.

JPW Building brought Elvin Web Marketing on board to optimize the website and help manage their Pay Per Click campaigns.  More pages and content were created on the site to help drive more targeted traffic but there were many limitations in the site builder. The limitations were hurting them.  The ability to add the necessary SEO optimizations just wasn’t sufficient enough.

After optimizing the website within the constraints of their old platform it became clear what was needed.  JPW agreed to a new website using the WordPress content management system.  The site was built from the ground-up allowing the flexibility to produce a much greater amount of user and SEO-friendly content.  The new website quickly grew and the company found that there were significantly more benefits to a WordPress website over a GoDaddy site-builder site.

The new website was a major step forward

JPW Website by Elvin Web Marketing

Elvin Web Marketing helped JPW to launch several types of blogs, case studies and a series known as “Roofing Tips Tuesday”, along with numerous new pages that showcased the wide-range of services they offer as a general contracting and roofing company.

Elvin Web Marketing now play an advisory role to JPW as their in-house marketer manages many of the day-to-day online activities which have helped the company to position itself as one of the leading providers in the area.

Our SEO efforts has sparked significant growth

Traffic has risen steadily over the past two years and now JPW appear in the top 3, top 5 and top 10 for dozens of traffic driving phrases in the Windham County area of Connecticut that they service.  This has allowed the company to grow their roofing division, in particular, and gain inquiries for an increasing number of roofing services.



Here’s what JPW had to say about working with us:

“We’ve seen an increase in calls from online sources since we started working with Elvin Web Marketing. John and Oliver are budget conscience and make sure we get the most ‘bang for our buck’. They provide exceptional service at reasonable rates.” – Read review & rating