Google’s Scoring Tool and Your Local Business is a great tool to help local businesses get to the top of a search engine page. Google’s  tool is great news for small businesses that seek to improve their business websites and compete more effectively online., Google’s laudable initiative, has two components, Tests and Learning. You can test your website for performance, accessibility, SEO, and best practices. Performing the audit is simple and free. Enter the URL of the website to be tested and click on “Run Read more […] […]

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Keyword Research – 5 Common Mistakes Local Businesses Should Avoid

keyword research

Keyword research is still a pivotal piece of SEO   Keyword research is one of the essential building blocks of effective SEO. If you seek organic traffic or even if you want your PPC ads to work, you need to be spot on with the choice of keywords, it’s that simple. You’re going to need to weave those keywords into the content, and possibly weave content around the keywords. Yes, there’s a difference between the two.Whatever you do, you need to begin by choosing the right keywords Read more […] […]

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SEO in 2020 – A Peek into the Future

SEO in 2020 – Voice Search, Knowledge Graph and More By 2020, we will have entered an age of screen-less searches. Over the next four years, 30%-50% of our searches will be through voice and will not require a screen. – According to Garter & ComScore. That, briefly, is Google Search in 2020. Voice comes with some very distinct advantages, but will make SEO a much harder task. It is easier to utter instructions instead of typing them. Voice search returns an answer to the question instead Read more […] […]

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Local SEO Checklist – Steps to Implement TODAY!

Local SEO and SEO are not the same This is the only local SEO guide that you will need to crack the local SEO code. It’s not a demanding thing to do. Just check all the boxes in this checklist and you will see the positive difference it makes to your business. Local SEO targets customers over a geographical area. If you can rank for searches related to businesses in your geographical proximity, you will attract customers. That is the idea. To rank on the Google Map Pack for results, you must Read more […] […]

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How Important Are Reviews in Local SEO?

The answer is reviews are very important for local SEO. There is no doubt that reviews can be extremely beneficial to businesses of all kinds.  Most consumers look for reviews when researching a product or service provider in their local area.  Over 90% of consumers read online reviews and almost as many refer to them when making a purchasing decision. You may have heard about a link between reviews and a local businesses search engine ranking.   But do reviews really make a difference?  Read more […] […]

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Google Is Favoring Its Own Content Over Your Websites’

The Knowledge Panel and 3-Pack – What you need to do  In 2011, it was Google’s position that they wanted to get visitors off the search page and onto a website that provided the best answer to a search query as quickly as possible. That is no longer true. While Google still wants to provide the best answer to your question, that doesn’t always mean sending you to another website to find it.  More and more of Google’s updates are designed to keep users on the search engine itself. If Read more […] […]

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Hibu Website Review – Is Hibu Really Worth the Money?

Hibu Website Review

Hibu is an international company offering website design and online marketing services for local businesses big and small.  Operated by the Yellow Pages, Hibu relies on the brand of its parent company for trust.  Used by thousands of businesses across the world, you would be forgiven for thinking Hibu is your one-stop solution to your online marketing needs.  However Hibu isn’t necessarily the answer to all of your problems.  In fact, they may create a few. Take a look at our Read more […] […]

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Are you branding your business effectively online?

Online Branding

The web is a big place. In order for your business to have a voice and stand-out from the rest, you need to brand it effectively online. Ultimately, the responsibility for a brand’s web presence is the business owner’s, whether or not you employ a marketing agency. How can this be done?   Not by a click of your fingers, that’s for sure! In this article, we’ll explore several straightforward ways to brand your business online, building up your identity, uniqueness and ultimately Read more […] […]

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3 Common Reasons Your Web Marketing Isn’t Working

Web Marketing Isn't Working

There are very few businesses yet to embrace online marketing, they know that their customers are looking for them online.  They know that to be seen as a serious contender in today’s market, they need to not online have a presence on the internet, but be active in their online marketing efforts. Buy simply being online isn’t enough to guarantee an increase in business. Have you invested in web marketing but are yet to see any results?  YOUR NOT ALONE!   Why Your Web Marketing Isn’t Read more […] […]

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Online Marketing Fundamentals – Local Business Edition

Online Marketing Fundamentals

[row][one_half] A Guide to Online Marketing – For Local Businesses An up-to-date and cutting-edge guide covering everything you need to reach more customers online, As more and more local businesses are beginning to take advantage of online marketing, we have put together this guide to help you do the same. Learn how to get more out of your online marketing, increase your leads and your sales! Online Marketing Fundamentals covers the following topics: How to increase your Google search Read more […] […]

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