2018 Local Search Ranking Factors Released

Local Search Ranking Factors

The Moz 2018 local search ranking factors study is out Updated for 2018, the Moz Local Search Ranking Study is the most comprehensive, valued study into local search. It gives a strong indication of what SEO strategies are working now and what should work in the coming year. The rankings are an aggregate of factors that leading SEO experts believe were the most important factors to consider in 2018.   So what should you be spending your time on for local search success in 2019?  Read more […] […]

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7 SEO Tools for Local Businesses

SEO Tools for Local Businesses

7 SEO tools for local businesses that want to do it themselves. If you’re running a small business and you want to rank your website for keywords, you need to optimize the content for search engines AND ensure that it offers value to readers. Once you get into the process of optimizing content for search and benefiting from the results, you’ll be happy that you did. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is painstaking work.  That’s why many business owners leave it to a professional. But for Read more […] […]

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Local Service Ads – Are They Worth Investing In?

local service ads

Local service ads may be an affordable way to jump to the top of a Google search page. Local Service Ads is a product designed by Google specifically for local business leads.  Originally called “home service ads”, it has since grown to encompass many more services and locations. These ads work well because they target people already poised for action, local searchers. Google local service ads differ from traditional Google ads several ways: You pay only for qualified leads not clicks Read more […] […]

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Keyword Research – 5 Common Mistakes Local Businesses Should Avoid

keyword research

Keyword research is still a pivotal piece of SEO   Keyword research is one of the essential building blocks of effective SEO. If you seek organic traffic or even if you want your PPC ads to work, you need to be spot on with the choice of keywords, it’s that simple. You’re going to need to weave those keywords into the content, and possibly weave content around the keywords. Yes, there’s a difference between the two.Whatever you do, you need to begin by choosing the right keywords Read more […] […]

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Fake Ransomware Scam on the Rise

Fake ransomware

Fake ransomware is costing businesses plenty. As IT systems become more advanced, so too do the hackers that try to infiltrate them.  Ransomware, the act of blocking access to files, or a whole computer/network until a ransom is paid, has grown extensively over the past few years. Now fake ransomware is having a financial cost to businesses as well. According to a study by security firm Kaspersky, a business is attacked by ransomware worldwide every 40 seconds.  There have been several Read more […] […]

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Meta Tags for Local SEO – The Essential Guide

Meta Tags and Local SEO

Proper meta tags are a crucial element for local SEO Meta tags are invisible tags that search engines use to determine the meaning of a web page. Meta tags have significant influence on SEO, especially local SEO. This is due in part to the indifference many local web designers have towards meta tags.  They are crucial to validating the relevance of title, keywords, and the short meta description to the rest of the content. They inform readers about what to expect from your page. More importantly, Read more […] […]

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5 Ways to Get More Calls from Google my Business

If you want to get more calls, Google my Business is a great place to look. Google makes it easy to call local businesses People searching for local searches are often primed to take action But none of this guarantees that they will call you.  So what can you do to get more calls from Google my Business?   1. Add your opening hours This is really simple but people do leave this section blank so I have included it.  Google will show listings that are open over ones that Read more […] […]

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Digital Marketing and Local SEO Trends in 2019

Digital trends in 2019

Local SEO will be an important component of digital marketing in 2019 2019 is still months away. But if you wish to get the better of your competitors in the coming year then you need to begin now. Knowing how digital marketing will evolve in 2019 will enable you to prepare for it right away. Digital marketing trends are always evolving and you should consider implementing those that are a good fit for our business, where your marketing is today and where you’d like it to be in the future. Staying Read more […] […]

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How will Google+ shutting down affect SEO?

Google plus and SEO

Google is shutting down Google+. The shutdown will happen in a phased manner, and the deadline for the final closure is August 2019. Note that it will continue to work as an intra-company network even after August 2019. What does the shutting down of Google+ mean for your business’s SEO? You probably know the answer to this yourself. Google+ was owned by the search engine giant and any social signals sent out by Google+ were expected to deliver strong SEO benefits. But that didn’t quite Read more […] […]

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Facebook Messenger – The New Live Chat?

Facebook Messenger Chatbox

  Perhaps the most significant update to the Facebook messenger API, the ability to ingrate a messenger style chat on your website. Connecting directly to Facebook’s colossal user base, any website visitor who is already logged in can instantly leave a message or start up a conversation.  It’s a massive game changer to the world of live chat, it’s super easy to set up and costs nothing, moreover developers can even integrate automated bots to answer questions too.   A Highly Read more […] […]

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