Don’t Forget Bing PPC When Considering a Pay Per Click Campaign,

Bing, the second most popular search engine has advantages over Google when it comes to running a PPC campaign. When local small businesses start to consider a Pay Per Click or PPC campaign, the considerations almost always start with Google. And why not? Google dominates the search browser industry with 65% of all searches performed there. No other browser, Bing included, have over 10% market share. That’s very low considering that Bing, a Microsoft property, is the default search engine on Windows Read more […] […]

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SEO Factors Most Important to Voice Search

SEO Factors most important in voice search

A Semrush study sheds light on the SEO factors most important in voice search results. As we, and virtually every other SEO agency in the world has been proclaiming, voice search is going to have a huge impact on the way people find products and services on the internet in the not distant future. A question that has boggled the mind of many experts is exactly what SEO factors Google and other search engines will look for when responding to a voice driven query. The Semrush study tried to answer Read more […] […]

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Local SEO – How to Get the Most Out of Your Agency

SEO Agency

Local SEO works best when a business and SEO agency work together. Many local businesses don’t bother with search engine optimization (SEO). They feel it’s too expensive, they don’t know how it works, and besides, they’re small, they don’t need to show up everywhere, just their town and/or areas in their proximity. In their case, they need an SEO agency with local  expertise. Local SEO is what it says, a service for local companies that strives to rank the local business at the Read more […] […]

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How to Rank on Facebook, Amazon, Apple and YouTube

how to rank

Learning how to rank on these platforms can help with branding and sales. In the competitive online market that we live in today, ranking for your products and services in online searches requires exposure on all the available platforms, not just Google and other search engines. Learning how to rank on Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and YouTube can not only generate targeted traffic but also generate awareness. They can boost your brand’s profile, helping Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines Read more […] […]

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Every Local Business Needs Review Cards

Trip Adviser review card

Review cards can be the difference between success and struggle for a local business If you market your local business online, you need review cards.  They stand out, they get noticed, they drum up more business. Plus, they are so inexpensive and simple! Ever searched for the best restaurant in your area? You’ll probably find that the top listings have a load of reviews that testify to the fact they’re the best; that’s no coincidence. Reviews play a big role in ranking businesses on Google, Read more […] […]

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Local Business Owner – Do you Know Who Your Website Visitors Are?

Website visitors local business

Most business owners have no idea who their website visitors are. Do you know who your website visitors are?  Is your website attracting the right people? Are these people generating business for you? If you own a local small business, the answer to these questions is probably worth knowing. Questions local business owners should be asking about their website visitors: Who are my website visitors? Are they young or old; rich or poor; male or female? Are they buyers or information seekers? Read more […] […]

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How Charity Can Boost Your Local SEO

charity workers

Feeling charitable? Supporting a charity might just boost your local SEO. Many local businesses freely give to local charities or non-profits. They do so for many reasons; the cause is near and dear to them, an employee or family member benefits from the charity or they simply want to be good corporate citizens. There can be a side benefit to giving to a local organization, enhanced SEO. For local SEO, Google will recognize a link even if the linking organization doesn’t have clear relevance to Read more […] […]

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What Local Businesses Can Learn Through Google Algorithm Updates

Google Algorithm Update

Most local businesses don’t keep up with Google Algorithm updates For anyone with a business that depends on the internet for a sizable share of their customer base, the instability of their search ranking can be maddening. They’re first one day, next time they look they’re down to number 7, the next time up to 3 and the next time off the first page completely. Why can’t they just stay in one place, preferably, of course, first! The answer lies in all the Google algorithm updates . According Read more […] […]

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Google Changing from Search Engine to Answer Engine

Answer Engine

How Google morphing to an Answer Engine affects you. I had a client call a couple weeks ago. She said “John, I’ve watched our traffic over the last few weeks and it seems to be down”. I asked her if the calls were still coming in. She said,” Oh yes, we’re getting calls, just not as much traffic”. After we hung up, I thought to myself “It’s happening”. Anyone who follows Google as closely as we do know that Google is repositioning itself to be an answer engine rather than just Read more […] […]

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