Google’s Scoring Tool and Your Local Business is a great tool to help local businesses get to the top of a search engine page. Google’s  tool is great news for small businesses that seek to improve their business websites and compete more effectively online., Google’s laudable initiative, has two components, Tests and Learning. You can test your website for performance, accessibility, SEO, and best practices. Performing the audit is simple and free. Enter the URL of the website to be tested and click on “Run Read more […] […]

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2018 Local Search Ranking Factors Released

Local Search Ranking Factors

The Moz 2018 local search ranking factors study is out Updated for 2018, the Moz Local Search Ranking Study is the most comprehensive, valued study into local search. It gives a strong indication of what SEO strategies are working now and what should work in the coming year. The rankings are an aggregate of factors that leading SEO experts believe were the most important factors to consider in 2018.   So what should you be spending your time on for local search success in 2019?  Read more […] […]

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Local Service Ads – Are They Worth Investing In?

local service ads

Local service ads may be an affordable way to jump to the top of a Google search page. Local Service Ads is a product designed by Google specifically for local business leads.  Originally called “home service ads”, it has since grown to encompass many more services and locations. These ads work well because they target people already poised for action, local searchers. Google local service ads differ from traditional Google ads several ways: You pay only for qualified leads not clicks Read more […] […]

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How will Google+ shutting down affect SEO?

Google plus and SEO

Google is shutting down Google+. The shutdown will happen in a phased manner, and the deadline for the final closure is August 2019. Note that it will continue to work as an intra-company network even after August 2019. What does the shutting down of Google+ mean for your business’s SEO? You probably know the answer to this yourself. Google+ was owned by the search engine giant and any social signals sent out by Google+ were expected to deliver strong SEO benefits. But that didn’t quite Read more […] […]

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Local SEO – On-site or Off-site SEO?

off-site local seo

Off-site SEO is difficult but will pay dividends down the road More than 8 out of 10 consumers search for businesses using search engines. If you run a local business, then you don’t have an option but to focus on SEO – both on-site and offsite. Here’s a nice way to understand what either SEO does. On-site SEO lets you determine what you wish to rank for. Off-site SEO determines how high on the search engines your website ranks for the relevant search terms. A little thought tells us that Read more […] […]

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SEO in 2020 – A Peek into the Future

SEO in 2020 – Voice Search, Knowledge Graph and More By 2020, we will have entered an age of screen-less searches. Over the next four years, 30%-50% of our searches will be through voice and will not require a screen. – According to Garter & ComScore. That, briefly, is Google Search in 2020. Voice comes with some very distinct advantages, but will make SEO a much harder task. It is easier to utter instructions instead of typing them. Voice search returns an answer to the question instead Read more […] […]

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How Big Will Voice Search be in 2020?

Voice search currently makes up over 20% of mobile searches on Google  It’s a familiar scene. Friends are sitting around the dorm when someone suggests they order a pizza. One of them grabs her smartphone and says into the mic “Who has good pizza near me”. The phone comes back with suggestions to pick from. While comprising a large share of mobile search now, voice search will increasingly acquire a bigger share of the search pie. The dominance of mobiles over desktops is fueling voice search Read more […] […]

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Do Local Businesses Still Need a Website?

website and SEO

Does your website still serve a purpose? Google’s primary objective is to answer people’s questions as quickly and as accurately as possible.  Years ago, if you searched for a product or service, you would have been required to click a link to another website from the search page. This is no longer true.  If you operate a local business or ever searched for one, you will likely know this. Search for ‘electricians near me’ for example and you will likely see among other results Read more […] […]

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Local Small Business – 5 SEO Tips for 2018

SEO Trends That Will Impact Your Local Small Business in 2018 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is more challenging than ever. We’re an SEO company and we work primarily with local small businesses. Since Thanksgiving, there has been no less than four search algorithm changes from Google. Companies that do what we do have reported large variances in search results for the websites they track over the last several weeks.  We’ve seen the variances too but we’re happy that our websites are, Read more […] […]

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Ten Link Building Strategies For Local Businesses

Link building is difficult but here are steps local small businesses can take to improve their search ranking. Link building is one of the most difficult, and beneficial, aspects of SEO. It requires persistence and planning to run a link building campaign well. But if you’re a small business with a limited budget for SEO, how can you build enough quality links to make a difference in your business? There are some ways and here they are. Reciprocal Linking – I’ll link to you if you link Read more […] […]

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