Google’s Scoring Tool and Your Local Business is a great tool to help local businesses get to the top of a search engine page. Google’s  tool is great news for small businesses that seek to improve their business websites and compete more effectively online., Google’s laudable initiative, has two components, Tests and Learning. You can test your website for performance, accessibility, SEO, and best practices. Performing the audit is simple and free. Enter the URL of the website to be tested and click on “Run Read more […] […]

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7 SEO Tools for Local Businesses

SEO Tools for Local Businesses

7 SEO tools for local businesses that want to do it themselves. If you’re running a small business and you want to rank your website for keywords, you need to optimize the content for search engines AND ensure that it offers value to readers. Once you get into the process of optimizing content for search and benefiting from the results, you’ll be happy that you did. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is painstaking work.  That’s why many business owners leave it to a professional. But for Read more […] […]

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Local Service Ads – Are They Worth Investing In?

local service ads

Local service ads may be an affordable way to jump to the top of a Google search page. Local Service Ads is a product designed by Google specifically for local business leads.  Originally called “home service ads”, it has since grown to encompass many more services and locations. These ads work well because they target people already poised for action, local searchers. Google local service ads differ from traditional Google ads several ways: You pay only for qualified leads not clicks Read more […] […]

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Digital Marketing and Local SEO Trends in 2019

Digital trends in 2019

Local SEO will be an important component of digital marketing in 2019 2019 is still months away. But if you wish to get the better of your competitors in the coming year then you need to begin now. Knowing how digital marketing will evolve in 2019 will enable you to prepare for it right away. Digital marketing trends are always evolving and you should consider implementing those that are a good fit for our business, where your marketing is today and where you’d like it to be in the future. Staying Read more […] […]

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Local SEO – On-site or Off-site SEO?

off-site local seo

Off-site SEO is difficult but will pay dividends down the road More than 8 out of 10 consumers search for businesses using search engines. If you run a local business, then you don’t have an option but to focus on SEO – both on-site and offsite. Here’s a nice way to understand what either SEO does. On-site SEO lets you determine what you wish to rank for. Off-site SEO determines how high on the search engines your website ranks for the relevant search terms. A little thought tells us that Read more […] […]

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What are Website Crawl Errors and How to fix Them?

Website crawl error

Website crawl issues are annoying at best and can affect SEO For the sake of uniformity and simplicity, this article explains website crawl errors in terms of what Google considers them to be. Google’s “Search Console” is the ubiquitous destination for webmasters seeking information about the health of their website. It is in your interests to keep crawl errors in check and do the necessary preventative maintenance, and repairs where required. Website crawl errors are usually divided into Read more […] […]

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Local SEO Checklist – Steps to Implement TODAY!

Local SEO and SEO are not the same This is the only local SEO guide that you will need to crack the local SEO code. It’s not a demanding thing to do. Just check all the boxes in this checklist and you will see the positive difference it makes to your business. Local SEO targets customers over a geographical area. If you can rank for searches related to businesses in your geographical proximity, you will attract customers. That is the idea. To rank on the Google Map Pack for results, you must Read more […] […]

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Local Small Business – 5 SEO Tips for 2018

SEO Trends That Will Impact Your Local Small Business in 2018 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is more challenging than ever. We’re an SEO company and we work primarily with local small businesses. Since Thanksgiving, there has been no less than four search algorithm changes from Google. Companies that do what we do have reported large variances in search results for the websites they track over the last several weeks.  We’ve seen the variances too but we’re happy that our websites are, Read more […] […]

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Ten Link Building Strategies For Local Businesses

Link building is difficult but here are steps local small businesses can take to improve their search ranking. Link building is one of the most difficult, and beneficial, aspects of SEO. It requires persistence and planning to run a link building campaign well. But if you’re a small business with a limited budget for SEO, how can you build enough quality links to make a difference in your business? There are some ways and here they are. Reciprocal Linking – I’ll link to you if you link Read more […] […]

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How to Identify Low Quality Pages on Your Website

Quality. With Google, it is always about quality. Low quality pages can hurt your visitor experience and SEO ranking. Google wants to show the best, most reliable and helpful web pages every time someone enters a search query.  When someone clicks on a link in the search results, Google wants them to find what they’re looking for. Such a page may receive a high quality score from Google. If a web page is deemed to be of “high quality” it is far more likely to appear nearer the top than Read more […] […]

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