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What’s The Right Color For Your Brand? – The Facts

Facts About Colors

With the right colors, a marking campaign can reach deep into the heart of consumers, eliciting emotional responses & making customers more receptive to your branding.

According to Color Matters, 85% of consumers say color affects whether they buy a product or not. If you choose the right colors, it can pay serious dividends in the long run.  Who would have thought? Something so simple as changing the color in a logo could make such an impact? But it does….

Today we’re looking at what different colors mean to consumers and what you can do to get more out of your company branding.

Some stand out facts about colors in branding

  • Blue is the world’s most popular color – Ever wondered why so many brands use the color blue?  It’s no coincidence.  Frequent studies have shown that the majority of people prefer the color blue, according to Color Matters 40% of people said their favorite color was blue. A few brands that use blue in their branding: Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Dell, HP…
  • Two colors is enough! – 95% of companies use two colors in their branding.
  • Keep it simple – 45% of brand logos use plain text, no complex motif’s just the right color & font for their audience.


Color Matters: What’s the best color for your brand?

If your starting to think about a logo for your business, or creating a new marketing campaign, use this infographic as a reference to make a serious impact!

Infographic courtesy of Marketo 

Colors in Branding


What is your experience of color? Does it make such an impact on customers buying habits?

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