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Free CRM Tools for Sales Funnel Management

CRM -customer relationship management system.
CRM -customer relationship management system.

A well-oiled sales funnel needs a properly set-up CRM

A properly fine-tuned sales funnel gently nudges leads and prospects into becoming customers, and then, hopefully clients.

The online funnel comprises different stages, and with the right tools at your disposal, you can optimize the performance of each stage in the buying cycle. Many sales funnel or customer relationship management tools (CRM) are offered for a price. However, if you look hard enough, there are many great online tools that can help you streamline the lead generation and conversion process. We have done the searching for you, and have come up with these tools that we hope will save you time and money, and also help you generate more sales.


  1. Rapportive – It’s amazing that such a great tool actually needs to be unearthed. Rapportive, a plugin for Firefox and also available as a Chrome extension, throws up useful information about your LinkedIn contacts when you use Gmail. The information, which includes contact name, work profile, and other details, appears when you click on an email contact’s name. It’s a neat social CRM tool that lets you craft more meaningful messages at any stage of the funnel.



  1. Zoho CRM – Free for up to 10 users, Zoho CRM is one of the best lead management software tools out there. You can feed raw data about prospects, execute lead generation programs from the CRM, assign workflows to sales departments, qualify leads and drive them further into the funnel. Zoho is a great tool to effectively nurture leads till they become contacts or business opportunities. You can run brand promotion strategies with Zoho.



  1. Streak – This is a feature-packed tool that lets you manage your sales flow from your inbox. You have an unlimited number of private “boxes” and 50 shared ones. Email tracking notifies you of when an email is opened, the device used, and also the approximate physical location of the recipient. The free service offers “Email Power Tools” to effectively manage communication across the funnel. These tools include “mail merge”, “send later”, and “thread splitting”.



  1. WiseStamp – The free version of this service lets you derive a lot of value from your email signatures. Add links to your social media profiles. Direct visitors to your social media pages. Boost engagement. Drive traffic to your blog. Add your photo and business address. Display information about sales and deals. Drive business. The Pro version offers an even richer feature set.



  1. Reachable – It simplifies networking and throws up connections that you can leverage at any point in your sales cycle. Your Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook accounts are exported to Reachable, which then gives you the opportunity to potentially expand your reach in an exponential manner. Reachable throws up the best and most suitable references to introduce you to a potential client or business partner.



  1. HubSpot Sales Tools – The free version offers an impressive range of benefits that can help an SMB take its business to the next level. Features include Gmail and Outlook integration, email tracking, Calls placed from the browser and automatically recorded, Find out if visitors to your website are prospects, sequencing of emails to drip feed leads and convert them into customers, and more.



Free CRM Tools for Sales Funnel Management
Article Name
Free CRM Tools for Sales Funnel Management
CRM (customer relationship management) software can be too expensive for many smaller businesses. Here are several free alternatives that can help.
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Elvin Web Marketing

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