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5 Ways to Increase Your Mobile Site Conversions

Any business that wants to compete on Google must now have a mobile friendly website, that’s a given.

But just having a “basic mobile presence” doesn’t set you apart from the rest, nor does it help you to maximize the sales opportunities gained from reaching mobile shoppers.

So while there are still thousands of businesses playing catch-up, here are 5 simple ways that you can stand out from the crowd, increase your mobile site conversions & start getting better results from your mobile website:


Speed it up

Even if your site is mobile friendly if it’s too slow (as on desktops) customers are going to leave your site in favor of a faster loading alterative.

As little as a 1 second delay can result in 7% less sales from your website and considering site speed is a relatively simple fix it’s worth getting it right…

Brand it

A lot of businesses have opted for the “it will do” approach when it comes to mobalizing their website.  If your mobile site has been stripped of your company branding in exchange for a “quick fix” you might want to reconsider if you want to stand out from the crowd in the long-run.

A lot of subscription site services for example have given all of their customers a mobile version to comply with Google’s latest algorithm change, however they lack real substance in exchange for a quick, generic solution.


Make it easy to call

If your website promotes a company phone number then don’t miss out on the opportunity to capture mobile callers by adding a “tel” hyperlink.

For a lot of smartphones to interact with a phone number it must be referenced as a hyperlink.  For example:

“<a href=”http://tel:8001498443”> (800)149-8443</a>”

This makes it a whole lot easier for mobile visitors to call your business direct by tapping the phone number on your site. Try it yourself:



Get to the point

Mobile internet users are much more goal orientated than on desktops, they want quick answers to their questions (especially when on the move).  If you can’t solve a problem within a few seconds of visiting your mobile site they aren’t going to convert!

  • Avoid big blocks of text
  • Keep your messages short & sweet
  • Use action buttons, bullet points, slogans & plenty of sub-titles within your content


Use Bigger Buttons!

When it comes to mobile navigation & interaction size is key, avoid any tiny buttons that are smaller than an adult thumb or finger.  Ideally go for nice flat tiles that fill at least a quarter of the screen.  Small icons lead to serious frustration & don’t go down too well with Google either.


Does your mobile site need a tune up?  Speak to Elvin Web Marketing about how we can rapidly increase your site speed & optimize your mobile site for higher conversions.


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