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Why is my Website Not in Google?

Not In Google

Wondering why your website isn’t appearing in Google?  Today we’re going to look at some of the reasons your website might not appear in the search results & what you can do to fix the problem.

If your website is not in Google, don’t panic! It is usually something simple that can easily be fixed.

Not in Google


1. Your Website is Too New

This is one of the most common problems website owners face.  If your site is new it won’t automatically appear in Google until you tell them about it!  Even then it can take a few days or more for Google to crawl and index all of the pages on your website.

Submit your website to Googlehttps://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/submit-url 

Speed up the process – https://pingler.com 

If you have already submitted your site to Google, don’t worry, it may take a few more days.  


2. Your Keywords Aren’t Optimized

You could be searching for a keyword that your website is not correctly optimized for.  Reasons for this:

  • There are too many competitors targeting the same keyword
  • You need to wait a little longer for the results to take affect
  • Your page is not relevant enough to the keyword

If you need any help with this, do not hesitate to contact us.


3. Your Site is Blocking Google

In some cases your website could be blocking Google from crawling the pages.  A file called “robots.txt” is used to tell search engine robots which parts of your website should & shouldn’t be indexed.

You can view contents of your robots.txt (if you have one) in Google Webmaster Tools.


4. Your Site Has Crawl Errors

Your web pages could have errors that prevent Google from crawling or indexing them correctly.  Crawl errors (and their cause) are displayed in a tab within Google Webmaster Tools.


5. Your Site is Very Slow

Consumers don’t like slow websites, and neither does Google.  If your pages are too slow to load, Google won’t bother indexing them.  Again Google Webmasters will notify you of any pages that Google found to be slow loading.

If this is the problem then it shouldn’t be too difficult to improve your site speed (and get back into Google).


6. Your Site Has Been Kicked off Google

This is a problem that you want to avoid at all costs, unlike the rest of the causes for not appearing in Google, getting kicked out of the search results is much harder to resolve.

Google will only knock your site out of the search results if you are found to be using unethical SEO tactics that give your site an ‘unfair advantage’, even then you may only be pushed down the rankings, not necessarily out of them.

7. Your Site Has Duplicate Content

If one of your web pages has duplicate content, Google might choose not to add it to the index.  This includes content duplicated from another page on your site, or from another website altogether.




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