Amazing Facts About Video Marketing

More and more marketers are turning to video to engage with their audience.  Who wants to read through massive blocks of text anyway?  Video takes up the whole screen on a mobile device, so you can almost guarantee you’ve got your audience’s attention.  Did you know for example that 70% of Youtube views come from mobile devices?

Having an explainer video on your website can reduce confusion, increase trust and encourage people to take action. Did you know for example that Tweets with videos are re-tweeted up to 6 times more than photos?

Whether you are new to video marketing or wondering why your video’s aren’t getting the response you were hoping for, here are 127 incredible facts that you probably didn’t know about video marketing, curated by Website

There’s a lot packed into this handy graphic, from stats about the psychology of video consumers, viewing habits, using videos for email, ecommerce and more.


Video Marketing Stats

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